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Avionté Suite Release Notes - April 11, 2019

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April 11, 2019 Features


  • 2019 Q1 SUTA Tax Reporting - Supporting New Requirements
  • Background Check Search Options (General Release & Enhancements)
  • Background Check Billing Setup
  • Legacy Portal Time Entry Email Notification Enhancements 


Item  Description
4225 Assignment DRMs are now respected during copy order processing.

Standard Occupational Code (SOC) for SUTA Filing 

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system is a federal statistical standard used by federal agencies to classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting, calculating, or disseminating data.


As of April 2019, all workers are classified into one of 867 detailed occupations according to their occupational definition. To facilitate classification, detailed occupations are combined to form 459 broad occupations, 98 minor groups, and 23 major groups. Detailed occupations in the SOC with similar job duties, and in some cases skills, education, and/or training, are grouped together.


ALL clients required to file in IN, LA, or AK should start the SOC data entry as soon as their upgrade is complete, but should wait to generate data and complete filing until beta is complete (due to complete on or before 4/18).


Beta testing for the feed will occur with the following clients (data entry to be completed by Bart):

  • TempStaffing of Indiana (TOI)
  • Forge (FIS)


Upon successful feed generation and submission, the feature will be enabled for all clients.


Background Check Search Options

To improve productivity in the Background Check Request window, Search Options have been added as well as the ability to export the background check order requests and errors.


Search Options

Users are now able to save background check order user search options, so they may quickly get to the information relevant to their work.

Default: When a user has not saved any specific search criteria, then upon loading the Background Check Request grid the results will be limited to those sent in the last 30 days.



To allow for easier reporting and task distribution an export feature has been added for both the Background Check Orders as well as the Errors. Users may save their preferred Export File Location with their search criteria.

Desktop Application > Start page > Actions > Background Check Request: User can run and save search criteria as well as export


The feature flag BackgroundCheckRequestBilling has been added, but should be disabled at the global level for all clients to hide upcoming content for the May release.


The BackgroundCheckRequestSearchOptions feature flag has been removed from code base.


The EmployeeBackgroundCheckRequest and BackgroundCheckPluginPackage have been updated.

For each...

  • New columns exist 
  • Proper FK constraints exist 
  • All fields are nullable 
  • Fields are now available to be used in Suite development




Added Columns:
  • Add Cost (MONEY)
    • allows null value 
  • Bill Back To Customer (BIT)
    • Default 0 (0=No, 1=Yes)
    • allows null value
    • FK to Customer.CustomerGUID
    • Index
    • allows null value 
  • BillAmount (MONEY)
    • allows null
    • no default
  • AccountingPeriodStaffingSupplierGUID (UNIQUEIDENTIFIER) 
    • Note: Staffing supplier relation to customer record 
    • FK to AccountingPeriodStaffingSupplier.AccountingPeriodStaffingSupplierGUID
    • allows null value
  • TransactionEntryItemGUID (UNIQUEIDENTIFIER) 
    • FK to TransactionEntryItem.TransactionEntryItemGUID 
    • Index
    • allows null value
Added Columns: 
  • ConfigTransactionTypeID (INT)
    • FK constraint on ConfigTransactionType.ConfigTransactionTypeID
    • allows null value
    • Index
    • no default
  • DefaultCost (Money) 
    • allows null value
    • no default

Background Check Billing Options

As preparation for adding an integrated background check billing functionality, Avionte has added the option to associate background check packages to transaction types for billing purposes.


No action at this time is required by clients or internally. The full feature functionality is due to be released in June 2019.


Time Entry Mail Notifications - Portals

A widely requested enhancement was to include the rejection reason (in legacy portal time entry rejection email notifications), as well as the time sheet notes (in the time entry data provided in the email communications). This information will be available in the email notifications with the April release.


To add the rejected reason to the email notification a user must modify their reject email template to include the <RejectedReason> placeholder. This placeholder will be replaced with the actual rejection reason upon generation of the email.


No changes are required to include the time entry notes. These will be included in the related row for time entry data.


T4 Advancements

  • (4529) T4 Error log tables have been added to track T4 errors in Development.
  • (4528) T4A Error log tables have been added to track T4A errors in Development.
  • (3934, 3935, 3936) Optimizations have been applied to T4A Processing to improve functionality and performance.
  • (3425, 3394) T4 UI labels have been updated. 




April 11, 2019 Fixes

Item Description
5043 Dynamic panels now display animation as expected. Previously, animation would load only after multiple selections of the panel.
4823 pay_GenerateVertexResponsePaymentCheck no longer throws a SQL error if there are duplicate tax records.
4817 usr_GetPrev4WeekTopCustomer no longer errors and logins function as expected.
4805 Accounting period close DRMs now reference the correct InvoiceToGUID.
4533 cmn_RenderPaycheckStubData has been optimized for faster performance.

Clients are now able to enter business numbers for employees in Employee > Extra fields that are only nine numerical digits. A default suffix can now be applied and must be present in order to pass XML validation and appear correctly on T4A slips.


The default filter in Background Check now returns to "0".

4401 Processing txn_UpdateTransactionTotal no longer generates a NULL error for TotalBill.

AP Close processing now correctly loads an AftersaveSP value.


Mass Mail batch processing now completes as expected in Payroll.


Copy Order processing now respects Assignment DRMs when copying.


The send list in the Notification Service now includes order-level expense customer contacts.


The Order Workers Comp drop-down menu no longer populates codes from other suppliers.


Time clock punch sequences no complete when a subsequent punch is performed within a minute of the previous punch.


A MS default Personal Exemption is now able to be set for a Vertex tax calculation.


Expenses with a reason exceeding 500 characters can now be rejected as expected.

3661 When switching orders, the Company Contacts in a temp order expense are now refreshed per the new assignment.
3346 When clearing the E-Verify credential in the Core application, the corresponding reference to the EVerifyResolutionResult table is now cleared as well.
2692 Pay Bill corrections no longer display duplicate rows. 
2388 Deleting from TransactionEntryItemDaily no longer causes timeouts when closing accounting periods.

The PA Sales Tax now correctly adjusts an associated Item Bill and includes a TotalAdjustmentPay value.


When weekly time is entered, an email is no longer sent to an employee with zero hours.


The Employee Merge AQ no longer generates an error when there are DH candidates on the same order.


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