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Avionté Suite Release Notes - May 9, 2019

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Item Description


Background check search setting allowing the exclusion of non-active records

Core application > Start Page > Background Check Request window > Search Options:
  • By default, when this pane opens:
    • "Include non-active records" checkbox exists below the "Enter all or part..." help text (above text box)
    • "Include non-active records" checkbox is unchecked
    • "Include non-active records" checkbox exists above the drop-down multi-select list
    • "Include non-active records" checkbox is unchecked
    • Drop-down list contains:
      • All selected packages
      • All non-active packages 
    • In the Create by User section
    • In the Package section
  • Users are able limit the created by user selectable (drop-down) options to only active users, and add them to my search criteria
  • Users are able to search for all users (active and non-active), and add them to my search criteria 
  • Users are able to limit the package select-able (drop-down) options to only active packages, and add them to my search criteria
  • Users are able to add non-active packages to my selected packages list, save my user search options, close the window, reopen the window, and the non-active packages are still:
    • Included in search results upon window load 
    • Included in my selected search criteria 


SOC Advanced Query

The May 2019 Avionté release makes the Get Missing SOC Data Advanced Query (AQ) available. This AQ generates a list of Job Titles missing an SOC.


The AQ searches for:

  • work performed in the last six months
  • work performed in Indiana, Louisiana, and Alaska


When a back office user creates a bill-only transaction for background checks, that transaction is now available for selection in the Billing Batch transaction selection. 





Item Description

To enable email to be sent from the Core application, the Email profile on the Start Page > Actions menu is now turned on and is accessible.


The AR Batch Payment process now checks for a "Posted" status. 


A background check search options issue has been resolved. A send date that is the same as a search criteria's end date is now returned as expected. 

5214 A payment transaction no longer causes Greenshades to time out for some clients.

The NY SUI now requires quarterly taxable and withheld amounts for NYC and Yonkers local taxes.


The GS_EmployeeLocalW2 table fields QuarterlyLocalWages and QuarterlyLocalTaxWithheld tables have been updated with the following:

  • SUM(CASE WHEN pd.CheckDate > @StartDate THEN ptd.TaxableGross ELSE 0 END), --Quarterly Local Wage
  • SUM(CASE WHEN pd.CheckDate > @StartDate THEN ptd.TaxAmount ELSE 0 END), --Quarterly local Withheld
Transactions are no longer being deleted during the AP close process.
5141 When unchecking Indeed Job Portal in the Post Order to Web wizard, the job is no longer pulled from the Indeed XML feed. 
5131 When logging a message through the Employee or Customer Actions Menu > Log Message option, the message now displays in the dynamic panel as expected. 
  • Duplicate POs are no longer allowed on a Company level.
  • When a PO is updated on the company level, all orders using that PO are updated accordingly.
2466 When creating a new message for an Employee, the calendar date for appointments now refreshes as expected.

After creating a new AR batch with an Line Item Type of "invoice" and posting a payment, an error stating that you cannot apply payments of both types to an invoice is generated when a second batch with an line item type of Employee is made followed by a posting attempt.


When correcting an invoice:


  • Going to Invoice Correction and selecting a new work week (Transaction tab) no longer directly changes the transaction.
  • The field can be updated only if a correction for the transaction (on any item) does not already exist and the date selected is valid.
  • Changing the work week now results in the field updating the text formatting similar to other corrections and reverts if the date is changed back.
  • Completing a correction with Sales Tax no longer interferes with the change of work week.
  • The resulting correction now affects all items in a given transaction (reg, ot, dt), and only affects the positive transactions, not the negative related to correcting the original invoice.
  • Changing the selected work week no longer eliminates the week's work changes. Fields are now displayed as either being corrected or not corrected accordingly.
  • The order of placing corrections (week worked first, bill units second or in reverse) now results in the same output as having both changes.

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