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June 13, 2019 ACA Companion Application Release Notes

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June 13 Features

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The Avionte Services Department is now able to generate an ACA report for users that wish to see a list of employees that were not eligible for 1095 forms. 


  • As users generate forms, any information that existed in the ineligible employee table is truncated 
    • This allows Avionte to assert that all data in the ineligible employee table is then accurate and valid, ensuring we only keep data from the most recent form generation
  • A standard spreadsheet that includes ineligible forms (i.e. forms with 2A, 2B, and 2D) can now be generated
    • Spreadsheet is a subset of the data related to employees not receiving the form
  • Spreadsheet is exportable/downloadable by Avionte Developers and/or Support
    • Spreadsheet is in a format that a customer can manually fill out with correct data
  • A standard script is now available to re-import the spreadsheet
    • Customers can then, re-generate the form, which then take the new over-rides into account
    • Imported manually by Avionte Dev Resources
    • Based off customer completed spreadsheet, insert employee level over-rides



June 13 Fixes

Item Description
5545 The Greenshades ACA2018 data feed no longer generates 'Occupational Code' errors.




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