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Partnerships - June 13, 2019 Release Notes

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June 13 Features

Item Description
Asurint Results Document Single Sign-On (SSO)

Asurint users are now be able to configure single sign-on (SSO) to Asurint background check results documents increasing efficiency by removing the need for an additional login step during background check processing.


Visit the Asurint article in the Integrations - Background Check section for full details.

The Maximus naming convention has been modified so client location files uploaded to the Maximus FTP site every night are now usable by Avionté. The new file name convention is:
...where SAM is the sample tenant company code.
5744 Non-Resident Alien (NRA) data has been added to Vertex XML to calculate NRA taxes.
5743 Employee tax setup has been modified to allow for Non-Resident Alien (NRA) tax calculation. 


June 13 Fixes

Item Description
6173 PeopleG2 is now processing for new packages even if the package system names do not equal "COCR", "SSN", or "INCR".
5672 ADP WOTC Surveys are no longer blocked by popup blockers.
5545 The Greenshades ACA2018 data feed no longer generates 'Occupational Code' errors.


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