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AviontéCLASSIC Release Notes - July 11, 2019

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Item Description

Dallas Sick Leave Accrual Plan


Effective 8/1/2019, a new sick plan has been created for the city of Dallas, Texas


New Supplier Properties (and default values):

  • tbv_SickLeaveDaysWorked_TX_Dallas = 0

  • tbv_SickLeaveHoursUsed_TX_Dallas = 64



  • Applies to businesses that do 80 hours of work (or more) in a year within Dallas.

  • Excludes independent contractors/non-employees

  • Starts 8/1/2019

  • Accrual cap varies on employer size

    • Over 15 employees - 64 hour yearly accrual cap

    • 15 or fewer employees - 48 hour yearly accrual cap

  • Eligible employees earn 1 hour per 30 hours worked within the city



Accrual Plan: Sick Leave_TX_Dallas

Description: Sick Leave_TX_Dallas_08012019_30_180

City: Dallas
State: TX

Effective Date: 8/1/2019

Hours to accrue 1 hour: 30
Days for Gap: 180
Days before can use: 0
Max Hours can use: 64

Pay Period Limit: 0 (unlimited)
Yearly Limit: 64

Allowed Carry Over: 64
Date Based On: Anniversary Date

Max Accrual Balance: 64
Initial Balance: 0

Unlimited Carryover: 0 (Allowed Carry Over value used)

Processing Method: pay_ProcessPayrollCheckAccrual_Sickleave

Link to City of Dallas reference document


Payroll Deductions: Van Pool & Transit

An update to the Vertex generation process has been made. The process now correctly handles Van Pool & Transit type transaction types; specifically, it changes the handling of the Employee Gross calculation.


Quickbooks' IIF File Type Enablement for GL Exports

This update will now support QuickBooks 2019 Enterprise file format requirements.

  • Users can indicate the file type/tabs delineation for their General Ledger data export via Config Option ExportGLJournalEntryTypeAs by appending “,tabs” to the file type value (example: IIF,tabs).


Create Default Taxes

The Create Default Taxes process found in Employee > Payroll > Tax now also includes the creation of taxes for the employee’s worksite addresses (for active assignments).

  • Additionally, users may now initiate the Create Default Taxes process multiple times, allowing them to configure payroll taxes before processing payroll.


US Workers Compensation Codes

Users can now configure a US workers compensation code by entering "US" in the state selection for the Workers Compensation setup. US Workers Compensation Codes will be included in the Order Wc Code drop-down list when the worksite address is in the United States.


Greenshades Feed for NY Filing

The correct XML format for New York tax calculations is now being used in the Greenshades feed. 

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Item Description
6898 The background check status of an employee in a shared branch is now visible to a user that has access to only one of the shared branches.

The Asurint grid data now displays data as expected in Background Check Request.

Previously, a red 'X' displayed instead of grid data when the following process was followed:

  1. Log into Desktop Application
  2. Navigate to Start > Admin Tools > Background Check Plugin
  3. Configure Asurint plugin 
    1. Leave AsurintAccountID & AsurintLocationID property values blank
  4. Go to Start > Actions > Background Check Request
    • Red X appears over grid data

Time Entry Batch Credit Limit Fires On Zero Warning Amount

A time entry 'credit limit reached' message is no longer generated when the credit limit is zero.

6609 The Employee Portal > Pay History > Work History > Check Detail now displays pay rates for the correct employee paid in Agency check
6608 The ACA Admin fee txn type is now set up as an adjustment rather than a paycode. 

The process of retrieving an employee's bank history (emp_GetEmployeeBankHistory), no longer times out in the Direct Deposit area.


When a new background check order is created, if the user search options exclude the order, then the order is now shown in the grid. Newly added orders (by the user) appear in the grid regardless of user search options.

6261 Dynamic panels now retain column preferences.

Customer address record re-associated to department issue

  • Users may now create a new address record successfully by editing the current Customer address.
  • The new Customer address is not re-associated with its previous department after the Customer's department address has been edited/created.
4312 The process to import web time entry transactions has been optimized reducing the occurrence of import timeouts. 

The state of Nevada Modified Business Tax now calculates as expected with Vertex functionality.

When processing payroll, and if an employer has paid
  • Less than $50,000 in gross wages for the current quarter (posted payroll): 
    • NV Modified Business Tax is not calculated on employee paychecks
  • More than $50,000 in gross wages for the current quarter (posted payroll):
    • NV Modified Business Tax is calculated on employee paychecks at the rate entered by administrator for ModifiedBusinessTaxRate value
  • Only posted checks are included in employer gross calculation (other open payroll batches data will be ignored)
  • Paycheck date is used for determining if check is in quarter
  • Employer gross = Gross wages are the total wages paid by the employer during the calendar quarter. This amount should include reported tips. MINUS employer healthcare contributions 

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