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AviontéBOLD Release Notes - July 11, 2019

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Security Timeout AviontéBOLD

To improve application security, the AviontéBOLD platform now automatically logs a user out after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

Users will receive a warning as the 30-minute inactivity threshold is approached and will be prompted to sign back in once logged out.


Front to Back Office Data Integration Payroll and billing data collected in the front office now flows to the back office. 
Connect Module Enhancements

A variety of enhancements have been made to the Connect module. 

  • Visibility and search of the last four numbers of a talent's SSN has been enabled
  • Expiration dates can now be added and managed on tags and documents 
  • A talent's Placement Status is now available to search and view
  • A talent's general Status is now available to search and view
  • Enable allowing an additional placement on a filled Job by giving a user access to increase the number required (supports the need to over-place a Job)
  • End dates on Jobs and Starts can now be configured. 
  • When a Start is completed, an end reason is now prompted.
  • Workers compensation codes are now filtered based on location
  • Job Type Names may now be personalized
  • Multiple direct deposit accounts may now be entered and managed
Onboarding: Talent Profile Management and Onboarding Tasks

Profile tasks and direct deposit can now be managed as part of the onboarding process in the Connect Module. 

  • This includes ESC as an Onboarding Task for a Talent to complete as well as the Recruiter’s ability to initiate and manage the Task.

Visit the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article for more information

Onboarding: Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is available as part of the Recruiter and Talent's experience through talent tasks.

Visit the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article or the Talent Onboarding - Recruiter Actions article for more information.

Adobe Sign for contracts as part of the Sales workflow is coming soon. 

Onboarding: Adobe Sign Standard Library

A library of standard documents including I-9s and Federal W4s is available in Adobe Sign form. 

Visit the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article or the Talent Onboarding - Recruiter Actions article for more information.

Onboarding: ADP WOTC

Recruiters are now able to initiate and manage an ADP WOTC task and send that task for fulfillment to a talent. This new functionality also enables the visibility of a talent's WOTC eligibility status from within the Connect module.

Visit the Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article or the Talent Onboarding - Recruiter Actions article for more information.

Dashboard Widgets: Onboarding Widget

An Onboarding widget - which provides users the ability to view all tasks and packets in their various statuses - is now available with the July 2019 release.

Widgets - replacements for counters previously used in AviontéCLASSIC - will continue to be added to the AviontéBOLD solution.


In AviontéBOLD, Rules guide the application's processes according to business conditions. Rules are a replacement of the AviontéCLASSIC DRMs.

The creation of rules is an ongoing project that will continue beyond the July Release. 

Rules released in July include:

  • Missing contract types/manually uploaded documents are checked on placement
  • Applicant tags are included on placement
  • Address geocodes are required on placement
  • Adobe Sign I-9 and/or Federal W4 completed documents are required on placement
  • Applicant Tags are required on Talent creation
  • Workers compensation codes are required on contract Jobs


To keep a talent pool updated, the following Rules are now automatically applied:

  • Active: If a Talent status does not = "Active" or any other status, the talent may not be placed. 

  • DNA: If a Talent is in the status of "DNA" (Do Not Assign), the talent may not be placed. 

    • Only permissioned users can change the status from "DNA" to another status

Globalization of the Talent Experience

Talent, using Google Translate, can now view any areas in Spanish or French

Integration: Sync
  • Additional 1-way syncing to support new features and functionality added during Phase 2
  • Important beta testing feedback
  • Limited 2-way sync items such as: Addresses, and SSN, Customer Addresses, Order WC Codes
Data for BI Tools
  • BI: This effort is making all data (front office, back office and partnership data) accessible via the BI tool to allow us to build out additional BI reports
  • Reports: This effort is focused on making the important standard reports available via Avionte Reports accessible within the Analyze Module. This is an ongoing project.
Standard Reports Key back office reports, drawing from the same robust data available in the Core application, are now available in the Analyze module.

Recruiters are now able to conduct a search on Talent and determine if they are currently on assignment or not. Recruiters can apply this condition to search parameters.


The Talent Search grid features a Placement Status column with the following visual indicators:

  • Available (green)

  • Placed - Contract (blue)

  • Placed - Permanent (gray)

Certification Expiration Date

Certifications, added as tags, now feature an option to add an expiration date. When the expiration date is reached, the certification is no longer associated with the talent profile. 


Document Expiration Date

Documents now feature an option to add an expiration date. When the expiration date is reached, the certification is no longer associated with the talent profile.


On Assignment Communication

Recruiters may now search for, and send communication to, all talent that might be working at a specific company or a specific employer office within a specific time frame. This enables the recruiter to communicate information regarding that work site; new process, procedures, or work information.

Recruiters may now:

  • Search for a list of talent working at a specific company

  • Search for a list of talent by job after a company has been selected

  • Mass action to generated talent list

  • Save the search as a favorite


For example, if a recruiter would like to send a reminder about the 4th of July holiday at their Google worksite. The recruiter would search for any talent that will be working at Google during July 4th then take a mass action to notify those employees about the holiday.

Assignment End Reason

When a company ends a placement, a reason explaining the stoppage may now be added to the placement record.


  • When ending a placement, a user can choose a reason from a selection.

  • Users may manage reasons - add, edit, disable, etc. 

  • User may choose whether an end reason is required when ending a placement.

  • End reasons may be searched 

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Item Description

The Direct Deposit modal resizes as expected after data loads.

6610 Direct deposit form data is now saved as expected in the Direct Deposit modal.

AviontéCONNECT users may now select a branch from the placement acreen.


The drop-down list for a Division now updates after the Name is edited on an existing Division. The user is no longer forced to pick the pre-existing name when adding a new office, which would previously create two employers in the AviontéCLASSIC. 

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