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Talent Onboarding - Recruiter Actions

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Table of Contents


Talent Task Types

Request an Integration

Send Onboarding Tasks

Manage Onboarding Tasks

Other Onboarding Task Functionality



Recruiters are able to send Onboarding Tasks within AviontéBOLD to start, manage, and complete an applicant's onboarding process.


Onboarding Task Types

Standard Onboarding Tasks Integration Talent Tasks (enabled by Avionté representative)
  • Personal Info
  • Direct Deposit
  • Competencies/Skills
  • Education
  • Professional Experience/Work History
  • Resume
  • Interview Questions
  • EEO
  • E-Signature documents
    • Most commonly sent via Adobe Sign
  • ADP WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)
    • Provides information for a talent’s WOTC status on a talent’s Tax Tab
  • Essential Staff Care (ESC)
    • Allows Talent to opt in to Health Insurance offerings



Request an Integration

  1.  Navigate to Account & Settings > Avionté Marketplace


  2. In the Avionté Marketplace area, search for the product to be enabled.


  3. Click the Details button for the product that will be enabled. Details about the product display.

  4. Click the Have an Avionté Account Executive Contact Me button. 
    An Avionté account manager will respond to begin the process.



Send Onboarding Tasks

  1. Select Talent from the main menu

  2. Search for the Talent to whom you wish to send the onboarding task

  3. On the talent's page, open the Onboarding tab.

    • If the menu does not include the Onboarding tab, click the hiddentabicon.png icon to the right of the menu.


  4. After selecting the Onboarding tab, click the Send Onboarding Tasks button in the Onboarding Tasks area.

  5. A menu displays. Click a menu down-arrow to expand a set of tasks or task packets.
  6. Search for specific tasks or packets of tasks. Click the hiddentabicon.png icon to add a task or packet for sending.
    • Multiple tasks, or packets of tasks, can be selected before being sent to the talent. 
    • Click a Xicon.PNG icon next to a task name to remove it from consideration. 

  7. Once your tasks are selected, click Send to send the tasks to the talent. 



Manage Onboarding Tasks 

Recruiters can view and monitor the status of tasks from the Recruiter QuickView

  1. Search for and select a talent

  2. In the talent's profile, select the Onboarding tab. The Recruiter's onboarding QuickView displays

  3. In the QuickView, Recruiters can view or manage
    • any Task(s) assigned to a Talent
    • the status of a task
    • take any necessary action(s) on a task (ex. Review a document, approve/reject an E-Verify Status, etc.)
    • If applicable to the Task, recruiters will also be able to see the detailed status



Other Onboarding Task Functionality

  • Talent Onboarding Task Packets
    • Instead of requiring users to send tasks one by one, recruiters have the ability to create and send sets of Onboarding Tasks that they can send all at once
      • Recruiters can send Personal Info, Direct Deposit, and Resume talent tasks all at once, vs. three separate Talent Tasks
    • Recruiters can send packets via the Talent record Onboarding tab. Click Send Onboarding Tasks, expand Onboarding Packets, click hiddentabicon.png button next to the packet(s) you want to send, then click Send

  • Mass Send Onboarding Tasks
    • When multiple individuals require the same tasks, they can be sent simultaneously. 
      e.g. Recruiters can send the same Talent Tasks to Joe, Amy, and Jill at the same time.

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