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Batch Hours Mass Upload

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Avionte has released an update which can now be turned on for our Enterprise clients. This new tool will allow you take a CSV file containing the hours worked by your contractors and upload it directly into our Batch Hours page. 

This tool can be very powerful, especially if you have any contractors working through a VMS Integration. If you do, instead of manually entering those contractors hours into the Batch Hours page, you will be able to download a CSV Export of the hours that have been approved in the VMS and then upload it directly into Avionte! 

Set Up: 

Once turned on, you will want to set this up by clicking on the “Import CSV File” button, which is where all your different CSV mappings will be stored. To start, you will not have any here and will want to click on “Create a New Mapping”. This will then require you to upload the CSV file that contains the hours of the contractors. 

Once uploaded, it will take all the column titles and allow you to choose which fields in Avionte this column should be mapped to. At minimum, you will want to have mapping chosen for the Job ID/Custom Job ID, Applicant Name, Regular Hours and *Day of the Week. 

*Day of the Week will only need to be used IF the applicant’s hours are broken up into rows where each row is one day of work for that applicant (as pictured below). 

After you have completed the mapping, you will be able to upload the hours which are applicable for the Week Ending range that you run week to week. It is also quite possible that you have multiple CSV file types which you are provided hours on. If this is the case, you will want to repeat the steps listed above and create mappings for each of these different CSV files that you are going to upload. 


Once you have created all the different CSV mappings, you are now ready to use the tool. To start, you will want to click “Import CSV File” and then choose which mapping you are planning to upload. If you have multiple CSV files which you are planning on uploading, you will just want to put in an intuitive naming system for each of these so that you choose the mapping, upload the file with the hours and then Avionte will associate the correct hours with the correct contractor. 

Once the hours have been uploaded, you then can make any edits that you might need to for those contractors. After confirming that the hours are correct for each contractor, you will want to click on “Process Batch Hours” at the bottom right, which will move all those timesheets into an Approved status! 

This will allow you to seamlessly upload multiple files each week after a one-time creation of the mapping for these files. 


If the file that you are being provided ever changes, you will be able to edit the mapping you have created, instead of creating a new one from scratch. To do this, select the File Mapping from your drop down of files and click “Edit Mapping”. This will show how you currently have it mapped and will give you the ability to make any edits which you need to. 

Next Steps: 

If you are interested in using this tool to upload contractor’s hours into Avionte, please reach out to your Custom Success Manager who will be able to tell you more about the feature and walk you through getting this set up for your CSV Imports!

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