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Tuesday Tip: Auto Sync

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Happy Tuesday!

We want you to be using Avionté like a pro, so starting today, you will receive weekly tips on how to get the most out of the system you call home. Without further adieu, your first Tuesday Tip topic: Avionté Auto Sync. 
Do you use the Auto Sync feature? As one of our biggest timesavers, it copies the messages you send from your email account to Avionté. Once it’s configured, you never have to think about it again. There is no need to sync emails one by one – it’s automatic!
Set-up is Simple:
  1. From the Utilities Tab, locate 'Auto-Sync'
  2. Enter in your IMAP server and Port credentials (get this info from your IT Dept)
  3. Enter your user name (your email address)
  4. Type in your EMAIL password, NOT your Avionté password
From here, your email folders will pop-up. Now just select the ones you want to sync and click ‘Update’.
The sync process will run within the first 15 minutes that your auto-sync is authenticated and will continue to run every 15 minutes after that. You will see the associated sync times to the right of your auto-sync settings each time a sync completes.
Note: Occasionally you may receive an email saying that your auto-sync has failed to sync. Don’t panic! This happens when the connection between our servers and yours have trouble connecting. This usually only happens for one round of syncing and it is able to sync successfully a short time later.

Click here for help updating your auto-sync settings.

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