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Tuesday Tip: Outlook Add-ins

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Happy Tuesday!

Outlook add-ins are a great way to sync emails and add applicants, contacts and jobs right from Outlook. To download this feature, please go to the download instructions here. Below, learn exactly what each button does:
Import an applicant into Avionté whether they have a resume or not. Using this button you can also add tags and classifications to an applicant’s profile in order to make them easily searchable.
Highlight the sender’s signature then click the “Create Contact” button to parse the first name and last name of the contact. You can then select which company they are part of, choose their representative, as well as other options to be added to the contact profile.
Sync inbound and outbound email directly to a contact or applicant profile. This will capture the entire email and add it into the Avionté profile under the activities section. This will be labeled as “Email Sent” or “Email Received.”
Create a job order directly from Outlook. If a manager sends you a job description, you can attach the description and fill out all the job details to create the position. Once you login to Avionté, the job will be created and ready to be posted.
Go directly to an applicant or contact profile. Once you highlight the email (as long as it’s associated with a profile in Avionté), it will open Avionté and take you directly to that person’s profile.
Occasionally, you will login to Outlook and notice you are missing one of the buttons. No worries! Click here for instructions on how to recover.
Gmail Extension
This tool (which can be download here) will allow you to sync emails that are being sent with the corresponding profile in Avionté. This is a great way to make sure that you are tracking all communications with both applicants and contacts, without needing to copy & paste!

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