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Video Interviewing

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Avionté has a Video Interview feature that allows you to conduct live webcam meetings with your applicants/talent, without having to download VoIP services like Skype. Avionté Video Interview can accommodate up to four attendees per session – one applicant/talent and up to 3 interviewers.


Setting Up a Video Interview


  1. Open a talent record
  2. Select Video Interview from the Quick Actions drop-down menu


  3. Select a date and time for the interview.

  4. Add up to three interviewers

    • Only the interviewer in the first slot (Interview Email) will have the ability to record the interview

      • This slot be changed during the video interview itself if a different interviewer needs the ability to record

    • Multiple interviewers will be able to chat privately in a "Messages" section during the video interview itself

    • Interviewers do not need to be Avionte users to be included

  5. Select an email template from the drop-down to add to the Notes field, if desired

  6. Check the box Include Notes in Invitation Email and Video Interview if you would like your talent and interviewers to have visibility into the notes in the invitation email as well as the video interview itself

  7. Check the box Include Social Network Links in Video Interview to pull in the talent's social media links (e.g. LinkedIn profile) that are on the talent's record

  8. If the talent has a resume on their record, you will see it available in the drop-down under Documents Viewable by All and Documents Viewable by Interviewers. Documents Viewable by All will be visible to everyone, including the talent

  9. Click Create Video Interview. All participants will receive an email (shown below) with a link to the video interview that will activate 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start.



Conducting a Video Interview


After connecting to the video interview, the primary interviewer will be able to record the interview session. The recording can stop or start at any time during the duration of the interview.

In-Interview Features:

  • The Meeting Notes tab is where you can find any notes that the meeting organizer might have included and chose to share

  • The Documents tab is where you’ll find any documents that the organizer attached to the invitation.  You can quickly view them online by clicking on the eye icon or download them to your computer by clicking the document link

  • Interviewers can use the Messages tab to send and receive real-time messages as the interview takes place – messages that the interviewee will not be privy to

  • Tips on using the video interview feature can be found in the User Guide tab

Recording Video Interviews


Avionté provides you the option to record Video Interviews so that you may view them later, and give you the option to store all your Video Interviews against the candidates profile automatically. There is an additional cost to enable this feature.

Who can record a Video Interview?

By default, the organizer of the meeting has the ability to record the video interview, but this can always be changed to a different Avionté user on the Video Interview.

When can you record a Video Interview?

You can record at any time during the meeting. You can even start recording the meeting again, even if the recording has been stopped.

Where does the recording go once the meeting has ended?

If a talent has a recorded interview associated with their record, a new tab will appear on their record called Video interview. This area will allow you to watch the recorded interview as well as download it to your computer.


Video Interview Best Practices

  • Creating a video interview does not automatically create a task for your calendar. It is advised that you schedule a Task to block off the video interview in your calendar, then create the video interview through the talent record's Quick Actions.

  • If using a Mac product (iPad, iPhone), use the Safari browser to open the video interview link for best results

  • If your webcam is already in use by another program, you may need to close it to use your webcam for the video interview


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