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Adding a Candidate to Avionté

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Avionté makes it simple to create an applicant profile by providing numerous options for inhaling applicants into the system. Applicant/Talent profiles can be created through any of the options below. 

Applicants/Talent Tab

Hovering over the applicant's/talent tab, users will notice multiple ways to add a new applicant. 

Add New Applicant/Talent

This form of adding applicants/talent is completely manual. Click on the 'Add New Applicant/Talent' button, fill out the required fields and click 'Submit'. 

Import Text

Import Text allows users to copy the text from a resume or document and paste it into the text box. The Avionté system will parse the resume and fill out the Applicant/Talent Fields based on the text. Once the text is pasted and 'Parse Text' is clicked, the user will be required to confirm the parsed information. After entering the required fields and adding tags, click 'Submit' and the applicant profile will be created. 

**Note that Import Text will allow uses to perform a resume search in Avionté, but no resume documents will actually be attached to the profile.

Import Resume

Import Resume is the ideal option if you already have the resume file and would like to be attached to the applicant profile. 

  • Upload your document or drag and drop it in the file box. 
  • The system will automatically parse the resume. Confirm the details are correct, add any necessary tags and click 'Submit'





Applicants/Talent can be inhaled to Avionté from numerous job board and social media sites. Use our Chrome Echo Plug-in to source off sites like Linkedin and Indeed. For directions on using Echo, click here


Use the Outlook Add-ins to easily create applicants/talent from your email. For directions on using the Add-ins click here.


Avionté offers two ways to mass upload applicants/talent into the system. 

CSV File

  • Under the Applicants/Talent tab, click 'Import Multiple'
  • First, download the CSV File
  • Fill out the columns with the appropriate information. **Note that columns cannot be added or removed from the file as this will cause the upload to fail. Also, note that all applicant MUST have a first and last name and email address.
  • Once you have filled out the file, save it and upload it. Select what you would like the system to check for duplicates (if nothing is selected, it will check based off name and email) and click 'Load File'
  • The next screen will give you a preview of the applicants. If there are any issues, you will see those applicants/talent on this page. 
  • To Import the applicants/talent, click 'Import Applicants/Talent Now!'





Applicants/Talent can be mass uploaded by sending resume files to

  • Open a new email and attach up to 25 resume files per email
  • Send to
  • Once the process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent that confirms whether the uploads were successful or not



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