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Tuesday Tip: Viewing Resume While Adding Notes/Comments

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Happy Tuesday!

Recruiters work at a very fast pace and have no time to waste. Therefore this week's Tip will review best practices to quickly log your notes/comments on an applicant's profile while viewing their resume in the same window.    
Step 1: Log Activity (i.e. Phone Screen/Call Completed)
Step 2: Click 'View Resume'

This way, you can view the resume and log your notes while you're speaking with the applicant.
Under your action items, click 'Applicant/Talent Comments'.

You can also add Applicant/Talent Comments while viewing the resume without navigating to the Comments Tab.
*Note- Any text in the Applicant/Talent Comments tab can be imported into your email when nominating/submitting the candidate to a hiring manager.

Advantages for including Applicant/Talent Comments in the nomination/submittal:
  • Save time
  • Work more efficiently
  • Eliminate duplication of work
If you start tagging your applicants/talent, you’ll definitely get more out of Avionté! 

As always, we invite you to the Success Center to learn more about all off the features and functionality Avionté offers.

Happy Hunting,

The Avionté Team

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