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Tuesday Tip: BI Reporting

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Happy Tuesday!

This week we would like to show you how to copy and share you Avionté Business Intelligence Reports. Please note: BI Reporting is a feature available upon request.
Making a Copy
  1. Filter options must be setup prior to making a copy of a report with the desired data metrics
  2. Copied reports will have a "circle" on the left side of the report identifying the report as a copy and will appear right below the copied report. The next time you visit BI Reports, all copied reports will be located under the last template folder: Sales. 
Note: The copied reports are not a part of your sales templates, but live at the bottom of the list for you to easily locate. 
Sharing Your Reports

You can share reports from within your template list, but in order to do so, they must be shared from a copied report.
  1. Click the "hamburger" icon next to your copied report.
  2. After clicking "Share", a pop-up on your window will appear. Note: sharing reports can only be with other Avionté HCM users that have BI Reports enabled.
  3. Click on the "signal" icon to subscribe desired users to the email reports.
The signal icon allows you to select the email report type:
  • Email Report Only
  • Email Report with PDF Attachment
  • PDF Attachment Only
You can schedule email report frequencies (e.g. daily or specific days) along with set times. In addition, if you're looking to share the report just once, you can utilize our "Send Now" feature.

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