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Tuesday Tips: Activities and Tasks

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Happy Tuesday!

Avionté makes it easy to track correspondence with Applicants/Talent & Contacts in one of two ways: 

1) Activities which are used to track past events.
2) Tasks which can be used to track future correspondence.
How to Log an Activity
In the Applicant/Talent or Contact Profile, select "Log Activity" on the action widget.
Once the activity aside appears, enter your notes and click submit!
  • Applicant/Talent Activities can be viewed under the activities tab on the Applicant/Talent Profile and searched for under the Applicant/Talent Search.
  • Contact Activities can be viewed in the Contact Profile, Company Profile, and searched for in the CRM. 

Applicant/Talent Activities can also be logged on the Applicant/Talent Search Page, via mass action, or the "preview icon" on the Talent Page of a job. Contact Activities can be logged on the CRM search, via mass actions, or on the Company Profile.
How to Log a Task
On an Applicant/Talent or Contact Profile, select "Create Task" to log a future event. 
Once the task aside appears, enter your notes, the time of the future event, and click submit! Tasks can then be managed in your Events Calendar widget on the Avionté Dashboard, or in the Task Manager where they can also be shared with other users.

Complete a task by heading to the Task Tab and selecting "Completed". This will log the activity and remove the task.
For Admin Users

Setting up your Activities & Tasks: 
  1. Head to Utilities --> Table Editor
  2. In the Table Editor drop-down, select "Applicant Activities/Tasks" for Applicants/Talent, or "Contact Activities/Tasks" for Contacts.
While Activities and Tasks can be added or removed, there are a few basic fields that are hard coded into the system which will be provided for you. 

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