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Templates/Template Editor

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Not only are templates are a great way to streamline how you communicate, but they reduce the time needed to reformat summaries being sent to hiring managers or having to replicate questions being asked about your candidates. Templates serve many purposes such as: sending emails, capturing applicant/contact specific information, or formatting bios & summaries.

Individual Templates

Templates can be accessed from the following asides: Logging an Activity, Creating a Task, Sending an Email Pipeline, Nominate, Decline, Resume Brand, Send EEO, Job Description Posting, and within Projects.

Personal Templates can be created within any of the asides that offer the ability to leverage templates.

For example: In an applicant profile you can click on “Add Activity”, begin typing out your new template in the text box and format to your liking. Upon completion, you’ll want to click on the Save button.

To view all of your saved templates you can click on Templates per any of the previously listed areas.

Applicant/Talent Questionnaires

A great way to learn a bit more about candidates who already exist in your database.

You can send an applicant/talent a questionnaire from their profile by way of the Questionnaires tab. In addition, when the applicant/talent fills out the questions, the user will be notified via email, and the answers will be stored in on the Applicant’s/Talent profile.

 Email Templates

You have the ability to create and share email templates with your teammates. Templates ensure all communications from Avionté are uniform and professional. Another great benefit is that is saves users time when sending emails!

The below video will walk you through the creation and sharing process for templates.

Email Templates can also be previewed before selecting the correct template to use. In order to preview a template, click on the eye icon.


Additionally, users can search for templates before loading them into the email. This is especially useful when your organization has numerous templates. In order to search for templates, click on and the pop-up will appear to manage your templates. Use the Search Templates box to search for your template and click to load the template.





There are two types of forms that can be used to obtain additional information from Managers, colleagues, Web Applicants/Talent and Current Applicants/Talent in Avionté. All completed documents can be downloaded to a PDF for easy sharing. These documents are all housed within the applicants profile under the feedback form and web form tab.

After selecting the form (Manager Feedback Form, Applicant/Talent Questionnaire, Web Applicant/Talent Tests) start by naming the form and adding an introduction. Create both essay format and multi-choice questions.

Feedback Forms can be included during the Nomination and the Interview Process.

Web Applicant/Talent Tests can be included in the Web Apply Process by switching the on switch in the Job Details Screen(Job Board –> Clip Board –> Job Posting Section –>Turn Web Applicant/Talent Switch to ON) 

Resume Branding

 A great part about the Branded Resume feature is that the original resume, the one with all of the candidates contact and personal information, can be automatically scrubbed and replaced with your information. Scrubbing a submitted resume allows  you to send candidates to the hiring manager or client without giving away the candidates personal info. Lastly, the updated and branded resume is saved as a separate resume file within the candidates Avionté profile, thereby leaving the original resume in tact!

 Note: This functionality is for Word Docs only.

To start, click Create New Brand and you will see two boxes, one for the “Resume Header” and one for the “Resume Footer”. The Resume Header  allows you to insert a company logo (or any image of your choosing) at the top of the resumes you will be sending to clients. The Resume Footer is for any information you would like to conclude a resume with, such as a signature, thank you note, etc.


To include an image you can do it one of two ways: You can click on the image symbol and add the URL of the image you would like to include, or, you may click Browse Server and include an image that you have locally stored on your computer.


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