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User Accounts: Setting up your Team's Access

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As an administrator, you can grant or remove each user's access.


Standard Access

We recommend starting your users with the setup shown below. Mimicking this access setup ensures that your users have full access to, and can make edits to their own work without compromising your overall database. Additionally, it removes the ability to extract your data as well as edit the verbiage, settings, and access you have customized.



Glossary of Terms

  • Basic
    • Job Board: Ability to search and create jobs
    • Business Intelligence: Access to Avionté BI reporting tool
    • Tasks: Ability to create/share/assign applicant & contact tasks – Also includes Opportunities & Hotlist views
    • Applicant/Talent Tracking: Manage and search your applicants/talent
    • CRM: Manage and search your companies and contacts
    • Documents Center: Access to the documents tab to create, add, and share documents
    • Reports: View various reports, KPIs and other data
    • Sub Vendors: User access into the Sub-Vendor Manager functionality


  • Modification Access
    • Delete/Edit Own: User can only delete their own entries
    • Delete/Edit Admin: The user can delete any entries


  • Features
    • Video Interview: Connect applicants/talent and hiring managers via online interviews
    • Search Closed Jobs: Ability to view jobs by closed statuses
    • Call List: Create lists of applicants to extract and print
    • Merge Applicants/Talent: Allows merging of duplicate applicant profiles into a single one
    • Merge Companies & Contacts: Allows merging of duplicate contact or company profiles into a single one
    • Post Jobs: Create new job postings and make it available for public applications


  • Talent/Candidate Intelligence
    • Talent/Candidate Compare: Find related Applicants/Talent or match applicants/talent to jobs just by visiting an applicant/talent profile or talent/candidates page


  • Sourcing
    • Mass Applicant Importer: Mass upload applicants using formatted CSV
    • Spotlight Search: Search through over a hundred social platforms to quickly find quality talent


  • Management
    • Recruit Manager: View all recruiter statistics and search applicants by any representative
    • Recruit Admin: Access to all private applicants - requires Recruit Manager
    • Sales Manager: View all sales statistics and search CRM by any representative
    • Sales Admin: Access to all private companies and contacts - requires Sales Manager
    • Finance Admin: Ability to edit hire dates and financial details
    • Tax Admin: Access to personal identifiable information, such as birthdates, social security, and worker authorization
    • Last 4 SSN Search and View


  • Back Office
    • Timesheets: Find and approve timesheets
    • Timesheet Approver: Can approve timesheets on behalf of hiring managers
    • Back Office Manager: Access to Timesheet Report, Batch Hours, Contractor Pay/Invoicing, Permanent Invoicing, and Pay & Bill Archive


  • Email Integrations:
    • Email Add-ins: Use Outlook to import applicants, create contacts, create jobs, sync emails, and view profiles; or use Gmail to sync emails.
    • Email BCC Sync: Sync emails from any platform by BCCing
    • Auto Email Sync: Integrate and then automatically sync emails from your provider
    • Resume Eater: Parse resumes from any platform by forwarding them to
    • Custom SMTP: Send emails using your own email address and attach documents to your mass emails


  • Extract
    • Applicant Print: Access to print an applicant's profile
    • Extract to Excel: Extract your applicant, job, & CRM searches to excel


  • Configuration
    • Template Editor: Customization options for applicant/talent questionnaires, web applicant test, resume branding, manager feedback forms, and email templates
    • Resource: This person is view-able in user drop downs
    • User Groups: Create user groups to share profiles, documents, and templates
    • Commission Allocator: Add & edit commissions


  • Admin
    • Table Editor: Customization options for most drop downs in Avionté, such as tags, stages, and activities
    • System Email Settings: Access to Thank You Email & Unsubscribe system options
    • Utilities: Access to User Accounts, Job Board Editor, System Email Settings, Record Archive, Logo Editor, & more
    • Create Users: Ability to create new users. Please note that creating new users will incur additional charges based on your contract


  • Operational Reports
    • Advapay Payroll: Advapay is a third-party provider in Birmingham; they provide payroll services and HCM solutions for growing businesses throughout the Southeast
    • SAGE 2.0: Sage is a third-party provider that provides integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems
    • EEO: View detailed responses to your EEO questionnaires per each job title. This report is used primarily for EEO audit purposes.
    • KPI: View performance indicators per each stage of specific jobs. This reports how long (in days) it took to get to each job stage since the creation of the job
    • Snapshot 
    • Latest Candidate StageReport on latest pipeline and nominate stages
    • Consultant Spend: Weekly report on consultant's hours worked, expenses, burden, and GP
    • Timesheet Status: View the status of timesheets (Open, Submitted, Approved, etc.) along with comprehensive timesheet details. This report is often used to audit weekly submissions and approvals
    • Contract Falloff: View upcoming contract end dates for a given time frame. This report allows you to understand when your contractors will become “on the market” again so you can line them up with another position.
    • Daily Consultant (Spend): View financial details on consultants and jobs per timesheet day for bill, pay, expenses, leave and cost of service information
    • Active Consultant: View consultants that are actively working on jobs along with details such as: Job, company, manager, bill/pay rate and time approver.
    • Consultant MarkupReport on all applicants/talent and the markup cost to the client
    • Purchase Order: Report on all open purchase orders
    • Consultant ForecastForecast report on total rev, cost of service and GP per consultant
    • Job Board Forecast: Forecast of potential revenue and GP of jobs that are currently on the job board along with current candidates in process for these jobs, total openings and other basic information. You may also filter by company, job types and tiers.
    • Job Board Insight: Highly configurable report allowing you to individually select job details along with talent activities/stages. This report allows you to build out the data you want to see. Job details include: Open positions, candidate hire date, pay rate, candidate rep, and position skills. Talent activities/stages include: Nomination stages, pipeline stages, and candidates in progress.
    • Hiring Stats: Breakdown of the days required to complete each job stage for each hired candidate. Additionally, you can see the candidate source tag, as well as the web application source.
    • User Stats: View stats and KPIs for user of the system
    • Contractor Snapshot: Snapshot of who was working on positions along with their bill/pay rates per job for a given date range
    • Dispositions for Filled JobsDisplays EEO information for talent as well as time and date stamps of the talent's move through the Pipeline and Nominated Stages.
    • Starts ReportList of candidates who have started—or will start—on a job. View job details such as: Position, company, start/end date, bill/pay rates, and candidate/nomination source.  
    • Hiring History: Started applicants and basic job information given a specified date range
    • Consultant Hours by Date: Aggregate totals of consultant hours by job given a specified date range along with basic job and pay/bill rate information
    • Back Office Commissions: View detailed commission, amounts and percentages per individual jobs based on an entered time-frame. This also displays total bill, pay, burdens and costs of service.
    • Leave Report: View consultant and contractor leave/sick days and hours taken per job and timesheet week as well as total timesheet hours logged for that week
    • Offer Recap Report: Details of offers given a specified date range


  • Recruiting Reports
    • Recruit Stats: View recruiting stats on Homepage and Dashboard
    • Candidate Processing: Weekly aggregate of candidates placed through job stages with the ability to drill down and view detailed job and candidate information.
    • Candidate Contact Details: An exportable report that lists talent contact details such as: Email, phone number, and address
    • Applicant Marketing: An overview of weekly web applicants through your job board. Drill down to view which websites your applicants used to find your job board, unique applicant details, and applicant conversions.
    • Hotlist Report: Report on hot list and applicants/talent associated with them
    • Recruit Tasks: View scheduled talent tasks by date, as well applicable notes.
    • Position CategoriesA complete list of position category and skills jobs attached to jobs. Additionally, this report displays basic job details such as hiring manager and Avionté representative information. 
    • Declined CandidatesDetailed view of candidates declined from jobs. Identifies at which stage the candidate was declined, as well as notes included during the decline stage.


  • Sales Reports
    • Sales Stats: View weekly counts of complete sales stats and activity. Drill down into each activity type to view a time stamp of the contact activity, as well as any notes logged for the activity.
    • Sales Activities: Detail account of contact activities with basic activity information such as activity type and corresponding notes.
    • Client Contact Report: Detail contact information for clients including email and address. Searchable by company, location, industry and category
    • Opportunities: Search for a comprehensive list of opportunities. View basic opportunity information such as: Amount, commitment, and percentage. Identify the status of an opportunity, as well as potential next steps.
    • Sales Tasks: Search for and display client and company task information including task user, type of task and date information (note that in the Reports section this is called the Client Tasks report).
    • Manager Processing: Discover which managers have responded to manager feedback/interview feedback forms.


  • Export Reports
    • Paycom Hired Records Report: Report of hired records that can be exorted in Paycom format
    • Quickbooks Perm Export: Perm placement export for import into quickbooks
    • NetSuite Invoice ExportExport records in NetSuite Format
    • Xero Invoice Export: Export records in Xero format. For more information click here: Uploading Invoices into Xero
    • HROI Timesheet Export: Export records in HROI Format.
    • E-Signature Document Audit - Collect selected E-Signature documents completed during a specific date range. For more information click here: Adobe Sign Document Audit


  • Offices
    • Restrict Access to Talent by office: Only allow user to see Talent records based on the Office Access configured in their User Profile
    • Restrict Access to Companies by office: Only allow user to see Company records based on the Office Access configured in their User Profile

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