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Internal Screening Process – Pipelining/Considering Candidates

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Pipeline/Considering a Candidate

The Pipeline/Under Consideration is used to track internal interview stages or processes your team adhere's to prior to nominating/submitting a candidate. Each requisition will have it’s own Pipeline/Under Consideration section and is a common ground for Recruiters and Account Managers to review possible submittals. 


Where in Avionté can you Pipeline/Place Under Consideration?

  • Applicant/Talent Profile – from the Action Widget.
  • Talent/Candidate Manager – “Bullseye” icon pipeline
  • Chrome Echo Plug-in – After parsing an applicant/talent into Avionté, you will have see the option to Pipeline/Consider the candidate.
  • Applicant/Talent Search:  After populating search results, click the “Bullseye” icon  pipeline OR Pipeline/Place Under Consideration in mass by using mass actions.


You have the ability to e-mail either the Sales Rep or applicant as you pipeline/consider a candidate. In addition, you can load saved templates which will populate in the “notes or comments” section.


Mass Pipelining/Under Consideration

Select a group of candidates to pipeline/consider and select "pipeline/under consideration" from the mass actions section.Pipeline_2.png

Then, select the job(s) you wish to add the candidates to.




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