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Tuesday Tip: Feature Request Page

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Happy Tuesday!

Below you will find the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of our Feature Requests page.
Who: You! At Avionté, we want to make sure that the voices of our clients are heard, especially when it comes to a product you use daily. Therefore, we created a place where you can share your ideas to improve the system. 
Where: The Feature Request page can be found here, in our Success Center.
What: On this page, you will be able to see all the requests that have been made by our clients. This shared space allows you to search and view previous requests, comment on them, and if you agree that it would be beneficial to implement, vote that request up.
How: At the top of the page, you will also see that you can add your own “New Post”. Once this is selected, you will be prompted to choose a Title and add Details. Choose a Title that will allow other users to quickly identify the subject matter of your post. In the Details, make sure you include what this new feature would be and how it would help. You want these posts to be short and sweet so other clients reading it can quickly identify if this would be beneficial to them and then vote it up. 

As you type in the Title of your post, you will see “Similar Posts” appear. This allows you to easily see if anything has been posted with a similar title. If the request already exists, you will want to vote that request up, instead of reposting the feature altogether. This allows us to easily track each request in one location.
Why: At Avionté, we work in four-week development sprints, which means we are constantly pushing out updates and new features. Before each sprint, we review the Feature Request page to ensure that we know what our clients are asking for and then include needed enhancements on our sprints. 

This forum also allows us to respond to your requests, either letting you know we will investigate them or asking for more detail if needed. Once your request is added to a sprint, we will be sure to update you in the Comments on the post, which notifies all our clients about what is being worked on in one, centralized location.
When: We have already added over twenty requests from this list and are currently working on more. If you have an idea of how you think Avionté can be improved, please head over to the Feature Request page anytime and let us know!
As always, we invite you to the Success Center to learn more about all off the features and functionality Avionté offers.

Happy Recruiting,

The Avionté Team

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