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Deactivating Users

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How To Deactivate an AviontéBOLD User Account


When you need to deactivate a user, you can do so from their User Profile. In doing so, the user's access will be deactivated [and our Billing Team will be alerted of the update].


Note: Users are not the same as Contacts, Applicants, Talent, Employees, or other persons who may be part of your AviontéBOLD system. Users are persons who have access to the application for specific functional roles, like HCM, Manager, Contractor, or Sub Vendor Users. For more information about Creating & Configuring Users in AviontéBOLD, click here:


If you have access to Utilities in AviontéBOLD, you can deactivate user accounts. To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Click your user profile icon (or picture) and click Utilities. The Avionté Utilities screen will be displayed.
  2. Click the User Accounts option. The User Accounts screen will be displayed. This contains a list of users, sorted by Name, and includes Email, Role, Status, user Type, the date they were Last On the system, and Actions buttons.
  3. Locate the profile you wish to deactivate, and select Edit Profile. The User Profile screen will be displayed.
  4. Change the Status from Active to Inactive. A warning will be shown: "This user will be deactivated; They cannot be reactivated without Avionte Support".
  5. Save the update. The status will be set to Inactive and a message will display: "Please contact Support to activate".




Deactivating a user prohibits them from logging in to AviontéBOLD. You may go Back To User Accounts if there are additional users you would like to deactivate, or you can continue with other work.

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