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Product Tours & Product Release Notifications

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Today we are excited to announce two new platform improvements. Within Avionté, we’ve added Training Videos on core functionality to make it easier for new users to learn and for Product Notifications, so users stay up to date on new product releases.


Video Tours:

When you’re logged into Avionté you will see product tours available by clicking on your profile picture and navigating to Tours & Success Center. A pane will appear from the right and you can navigate through the core Training Videos.


We decided to leverage High-Quality Training Videos rather than Digital Adoption Platform (aka: DAP) which are point-and-click guided tours. We found that users gain more value out of High-Quality Video Tours, as the audio narrative supports our product decisions. Additionally, users can learn through videos without having to go through an entire tour in a production environment.


Beneath the tours are direct links to the Avionté Learning Center, the System Status Page, Submit a Request and Visit the User Community. The direct links to specific Learn Center destinations will help improve customer success.






What’s New:

We pride ourselves on consistent innovation and product improvement. We want to ensure all users know about newly released products/features to leverage Avionté to the fullest. We previously sent email notifications, but due to the nature of recruiting, these can easily go unread. The notifications panel is designed to allow users to view new product notifications when convenient, in a centralized location. By clicking on your profile picture and navigating to What’s New, you’ll find the release announcements linked to the Learning Center.






There are more exciting improvements coming your way soon!

Happy Recruiting!

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