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Automated Email Notifications: New Web Applicants/Talent and Jobs

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Interested in receiving an email each time an applicant/talent applies to one of your jobs?

To set up:

Go to Accounts & Settings–>Click your name to get to your profile->Check the Box for

Applicant Apply Emails

There are three options:

1. None: need we say more?

2. Only My Jobs: This is based on job ownership. You will receive a notification email for any applicant/talent that applies to a job you are the owner of.

3. For All Jobs: When an applicant/talent applies to any job in Avionté, you will receive an email with a link to the job and the new applicant’s/talent profile.


Job Emails:

An automated email is sent when a job is created in Avionté very similar to the new applicant email logic.

1. None: need we say more?

2. Only Jobs Where I’m Selected: You will only receive a job notification if the user creating the job selects to notify you.

3. For All Jobs: Once a job is created you will receive an email with a link to this position.

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