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  • The Toolbar in the Text Editor no longer disappears
  • Applicant/Talent Search saved searches have updated to include "Last x amount of days" within the search string
  • Hyperlinks  to jobs in the text editor no longer include irrelevant text
  • Retry button for ECHO functioning correctly
  • ECHO aside no longer scrolls rapidly after importing an applicant or contact
  • When using ECHO with the new LinkedIn UI, users are no longer prevented from moving to another profile
  • Applicants/Talent are appearing correctly when filling out the US EEO Form via Careers Page Editor
  • ECHO is now defaulted as United States for the country
  • EEO Form is populating Company Name correctly
  • ECHO is parsing all work history incorrectly
  • For Timesheets that are set to Sat-Fri, they're no longer duplicating

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