This article explains how Avionté customers can integrate with Glassdoor to track conversions on sponsored jobs. The integration involves setting up a unique Glassdoor tracking identifier in Account & Settings.

Key Takeaways

  • Conversion Tracking: Avionté provides integration with Glassdoor to help customers track conversions on their sponsored jobs, enhancing the ability to measure job advertising effectiveness.

  • Daily Data Scraping: The integration works by sharing job data through an XML feed, which is automatically scraped at 11:20 PM Central time daily.

  • Setup Instructions: To set up the Glassdoor integration, users need to access Account & Settings, search for "GLASSDOOR," click on the Glassdoor integration settings, and enter their unique Glassdoor tracking identifier for conversion tracking. Contacting your Account Manager for more information is recommended.

These jobs are shared via an XML feed that is scraped at 11:20 PM Central time daily.  For more information, reach out to your Account Manager.

  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Avionte Marketplace


  3. In the Search box, type: GLASSDOOR


  4. Click the Settings button (for the Glassdoor integration)


  5. Enter your unique Glassdoor tracking identifier
  6. Click the Save button




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