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Displaying Posted Jobs via JSON Jobs API

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There are several ways that your posted jobs can be displayed on a website.  This article will cover the JSON Jobs Feed that Avionté offers for displaying jobs in a robustly customizable fashion.

The JSON Jobs endpoint is located at  Your API key can be found by going to Account & Settings (your avatar) > Utilities > Job Board Editor.  Your API key is used to identify your build to Avinoté and is used by adding it to the end of your JSON Job Feed URL, like this:

Each build in Avionté comes with a JSON API endpoint (also referred to as a “feed”) and an API key.  The API key is used to identify your build to Avionté.   The JSON endpoint is a URL that will return data in JSON format for your Company’s posted jobs that a web developer can then use to set up a custom careers page.  We pass most of the details about each of your posted jobs in the JSON feed, including:

  • Division
  • Department
  • Location
  • Job Create Date
  • Job Country
  • Job City
  • Job State
  • Job Description in both HTML and TEXT
  • Board Name
  • Region
  • Office
  • Pay
  • Owner
  • Job Type
  • Job IDs
  • Title
  • Category
  • Various links to the job and apply process (as set up in the job board editor)

Since all of this info is always in the JSON feed, your web developer can pull as much or as little data from the feed as is needed to create a highly customized Careers Page that is uniquely your own.

This location will retrieve data for ALL POSTED JOBS

This location will retrieve data for a single job as designated in the “PostId20” parameter


An example of how to use the JSON feed is below:

$(document).ready(function () {
	var rssId = "YOUR_RSS_ID_GOES_HERE";
	var referralLocation = "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL_GOES_HERE";
	var buildId = "YOUR_BUILD_ID_GOES_HERE";
        type: 'GET',
        url: "" + rssId + "&refloc=" + referralLocation + "&proc=getalljobs",
        contentType: "application/json",
        dataType: 'jsonp',
        jsonpCallback: buildId,
        success: CompasJsonSuccessResult,
        error: CompasJsonErrorResult
	function CompasJsonSuccessResult(json) {
		// Open up the browser developer tools and view the console window to see the results 
		// - Please remove before releasing to a production environment!
		// Example of adding all available Job Names to a list and appending them to body
		// - This will generate <ul class="my-new-list"><li id="0">Job Name 1</li><li id="1">Job Name 2</li>...<li id="N">Job Name N</li></ul>
		var items = [];
		$.each(json, function (key, val) {
			items.push('<li id="' + key + '">' + val.Name + '</li>');
		$('<ul/>', {
			'class': 'my-new-li0st',
			html: items.join('')
	function CompasJsonErrorResult(e) {
		// Please remove before releasing to a production environment!

Here is a sample of what is returned when a call is made to the JSON endpoint for a single job:

"PostDate": "2/2/2015 4:13:07 PM",
"PostId20": "ZAfS7GXWOdU", "Region": "ABC Corp", "Office": null, "PayMin": "40.00", "PayMax": "60.00", "PayActual": "55.00", "Owner": null, "JobType": "Permanent", "SendFriend": null, "Location": null, "JobID": "ES6596816", "ReqID": "ES6548816", "JobDate": "1/6/2015", "JobCountry": "US", "JobState": "GA", "JobDesc_HTML": "HTML-FORMATTED JOB DESCRIPTION TEXT WILL BE HERE", "JobDesc_TEXT": "UN-FORMATTED JOB DESCRIPTION TEXT WILL BE HERE", "Category": "Engineering", "Name": "Senior Java Developer", "Description": "Category: Engineering - Location: Atlanta GA", "JobCity": "Atlanta", "Department": "", "Division": "", "Link": "", "ApplyLink": "", "ApplyLinkSSL": "",
"Apply2Link": "" "BoardName": "Main Job Board" }

When a call is made to the Avionté JSON endpoint, each job item will include URLs for that job’s Description & Apply page:

  • The "Link" property is the URL for the Description
  • The “Apply2Link” property is the URL for the Apply Page

We require using these URLs in a programmatically created or “dynamic” Iframe.  This will allow the applicant to complete the apply process for the job they have selected.  See the article for implementing the Dynamically Created iFrame.

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