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Using Extract to Excel via .XLS

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Microsoft recently made an update regarding how they allow users to open HTML or XLA with an .XLS file.

"The Excel team has made a change in the behavior of certain file types to increase security. This change came in the security updates KB3115262, KB3170008, and KB3115322.

Previously, when you tried to open an HTML or XLA file with an .XLS file extension from an untrusted location, Excel would warn about the mismatch between the file extension and content, but would still open the workbook without Protected View security.

After the security updates Excel no longer will open the workbook because these files are not compatible with Protected View and there is no warning or other indication it was not opened. We apologize that Excel is showing a blank screen instead of a more helpful error message with information about what to do next."


Given this change we suggest the following steps to continue extracting files from within Avionté:

  1. Select the file to wish to extract
  2. Either from your downloads bar  you can either click the down arrow to the right of the file and select "Open in New Folder". (You can also go to your download folder and right click on the file to select "Open in New Folder"
  3. Right click on the file, select properties
  4. On the bottom of the popup is an ‘unblock’ checkbox. Check it, click apply, then click done
  5. Double click the file to open

**If it still does not open, you can open excel and then drag the file into the excel window**


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