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Submitting and Approve Time

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Avionté Timesheet Manager Overview

For Contractors:

Upon logging in, contractor's will find their current job to enter time for.


They'll simply click on "View Timesheet" which brings them to the current week to enter time for:


Users can simply key in or scroll to enter time. If necessary, they can enter the beginning and end of their breaks in addition to adding additional breaks throughout the day as well. 

To enter Expenses, they'll click on the Expenses button located under the "Back to Timesheet Manager" button at the top of the page. 


A new aside will appear where they can click on the appropriate expense type, fill in the amount, and upload the receipt. 

The Expense button will indicate how many expenses have been submitted. 


If leave is allocated for that specific contractor, they can select what type of leave they used and how many hours were used. 


To make things even easier for users, we've created an "Apply Default" button. This allows a contractor to default their time entry. For example, if I normally come in at 8 am every day and leave at 5 pm, I can set this as my standard time sheet for each week. 


Upon time submittal, users will be met with a reminder that the time they're submitting is accurate, along with a warning if they're submitting time for days that haven't happened yet. This acts as a buffer to ensure they're double checking what they're entering. 


However, on the rare occasion, they do need to make a change they can click on the "Re-Enter Timesheet" button. 


Lastly, the contractor or hiring manager can view any and all updates to the timesheet for that week. Click on "Events" to view the complete audit log 

For Hiring Managers:

Once a contractor has submitted time, the Hiring Manager will receive an email allowing them to approve or reject the time directly from the email. 


If you do not want these automatic emails to go out to hiring managers, you're able to check off withhold emails on the Operations & Financials widget of the Job Details page.



However, if they choose to log in to Avionté, they can do things like approve/reject time or filter through any/all timesheets, etc. They also have the option to Add Widgets to customize their dashboard. 

Widgets include:

Tasks, Events, Projects - Manager Overview includes aggregate counts for time sheets awaiting approval, pending requisitions and active contracts. Quickly click on the number to jump into the timesheet waiting for approval or current active jobs... 

Jobs - My Interviews includes A list of recent and upcoming interviews where you are a participant. 

Jobs - Positions Pending includes A list of pending positions

Applicants/Talent - Candidate Status includes A list of candidates and their respective statuses

Contracts  & Companies - Account Representative includes Account Representative contact details

Approving Time:

Hiring managers can click on the Timesheet Tab to view all of the current timesheets awaiting their approval or can filter on all, active or expired timesheets. 

They'll click on "View Timesheet" to review the timesheet for approval. They can also review, Events, Notes, Expenses or Leave that the contractor as submitted. 

Lastly, they Hiring Manager will simply "Approve Timesheet" or "Reject Timesheet" allowing them to include notes if necessary. 


**Note that Timesheet submittals and approvals are mobile friendly! Both contractors and hiring managers can log in through their mobile devices to submit and approve time. Find out more about accessing Avionté through your iPhone here and Android device here

Contractor Mobile View:


The hours will be totaled at the bottom where contractors can also submit their time.


Identical to the desktop version, contractors will be asked to confirm that they are submitting their time.





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