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Widgets that monitor talent onboarding activity can be added to myDashboard. 


Widget Description Image
Expiring Talent Documents

A display of documents stored on behalf of a talent with an included expiration date. 


The widget can be filtered to include expiration dates within a range. 

Expiring Talent Tags

Applicant tags - descriptive terms applied to a talent - can include an expiration date. The Expiring Talent Tags widget displays those tags approaching expiration. 


The widget can be filtered to include expiration dates within a range. 

Your personal Hot List of Talents.
Occasionally you will come across an amazing candidate who you know would get the job if given the opportunity, but the right job isn't available right now. When you find these all-star candidates, you can add them to your Hotlist from their Talent profile. 
Last Contacted Talents

The Last 40 Talents that you have contacted.


Columns include Name, Activity, and Date. 

Newest 50 Talents A list of the newest 50 Talents in your system. Newest_50_Talents.png
Onboarding Tasks

Provides an overview of tasks assigned to a talent going through the onboarding process. Values include Tasks Sent, tasks with an Action Required, and Completed Tasks.


When selecting the values, an aside will pop out showing talent name, number of tasks assigned, number not started, number in-progress, and number completed.

Recruiting Stats

Displays statistics indicating a recruiter's performance. Values include:

  • New Talents - the number of new candidates entered into the system
  • Meetings - the number of meetings the recruiter has had with talent
  • Submittals - the number of candidates a recruiter has submitted to open positions
  • Interviews - the number of submitted candidates that have been interviewed by companies
  • Offers - the number of offers received by submitted candidates 
  • Offers Accepted - the number of offers accepted by submitted candidates 
  • Starts - the number of job starts the recruiter accommodated 



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