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AvionteBOLD Release Notes - August 8, 2019

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ID Description

A "Contact Activity Type" filter has been added to the Sales Activity Report

The Sales Activity Report, found in Analyze > Reports, now features a drop-down menu selection with typical sales activities such as "call completed", "email sent", etc.



Additional Opened Date Search Flexibility

When performing a job search with the Opened Date filter, jobs can now be searched according to :

  • A date range

  • A date and anything later than or equal to that date

  • A date and anything earlier than or equal to that date


'OT' default option in Table Editor > Job Defaults

From the Table Editor > Job Defaults, clients would have the ability to choose how they would like for OT to default on their jobs. This would just be the "Overtime" section from the Job Details, which allows clients to choose from the three following in the dropdown:

  • Straight Time

  • Paid and Billed OT

  • Paid NOT Billed OT


When clients are placing a lot of contracts with OT, they would want to have their jobs default to "Paid and Billed" or "Paid NOT Billed" instead of "Straight Time".


Setting 'OT' as a default in the Table Editor allows a client to automatically apply a likely pay rate setting which can still be adjusted if needed. 


Editing Duplicate-Check Criteria in Career Page Editor

To avoid the overwriting of profile content when a new applicant applies with a phone number that already exists with a previous applicant, recruiters may now augment duplicate-check requirements for online applicants. 


Use Case: For some clients, they have found that profiles merged because there was an existing profile which had a phone number that a new applicant ended up applying with. This caused an overwrite of the information on the profile and almost caused a billing error. Since this is the case, they would only like to have the Mobile Duplicate Check when manually adding applicants and not during Web Applies, since they cannot confirm the changes.


In the Career Page Editor > Job Board section, Avionté now features a drop-down menu titled "Duplicate Check Requirements", providing three choices:

  • Both
  • Email
  • Mobile

The default setting is "Both." A selection is required. When an applicant's email or mobile matches an existing application, the system generates a duplicate warning so a recruiter can review the application.  


Indeed XML Reference Number

A new reference number is now generated when there is a job posting change in the Indeed XML feed.

The number is structured like this:

OrderId (hyphen) PostedDateTime




Transaction Unit to Hours Multiplier Default

The default Transaction Unit to Hours Multiplier value is now set to 1. 


When configuring transaction types, the system now defaults to a multiplier value of 1 (rather than 0), avoiding calculation errors. 


Accounting Period Close DRM

A Data Requirement Message (DRM) has been added to an accounting period close. The DRM generates if there is a time sheet pending import. 


Connect ID in Dynamic Panels

A dynamic panel now shows Connect ID in the following menus:

  • Employee
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Assignment

W-4 Marital Statuses

The Avionté back office system now recognizes the latest marital statuses featured in state W4 forms:





Married, but withhold at single rate





Married, but withhold at single rate



Single or married spouse works or married filing separate

Married (spouse does not work)

Head of household





Married, but withholding at a higher single rate


North Carolina:

Single or married filing separately

Head of household

Married filing jointly or surviving spouse

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