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Hiring Manager Job Board

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After releasing the Job Board 2.0 to HCM users we constantly gathered feedback and worked on further improving the user interface and experience. We’ve now taken what we’ve learned from that project and provided Manager users with the same ability to easily configure their job search results and search view to their preferences. While their access rights won’t change, their ability to better manage the jobs they oversee will. 

Viewing Pending Jobs

  • Click on the Jobs Tab
  • Select 'Pending' Status
  • Click Search
  • All currently open jobs under the Hiring Manager will appear. **Note that Managers with the Manager Recruiter access level will also be able to see other Managers jobs. 

Viewing Candidates in Process

  • Click to expand the jobs and view applicant in the process.
  • Managers can leave comments by clicking 
  • **Note that Managers with the Manager Recruiter access level can also change the current stage of an applicant. 

Viewing Active Jobs

  • Click on the Jobs Tab
  • Select 'Active' Status



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