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Linkedin Job Wrapping

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Job wrapping is a service provided by LinkedIn that automatically posts jobs from Avionté into your Linkedin Job Slots. This ensures your jobs reach the best candidates on the LinkedIn Jobs Network without requiring manual job postings through LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn Job Wrapping scans your company’s career site and automatically posts your jobs directly to the LinkedIn Jobs Network. Job Wrapping is included with your Job Slots. It regularly scans your career website or ATS’s XML feed for jobs and posts them to LinkedIn. Job Wrapping provides seamless synchronization between your career site or ATS and your LinkedIn Job Slots. Any updates, including job descriptions, renewals, and deletions, are automatically reflected on LinkedIn. (source: Linkedin)

If you have not used Job Wrapping through Linkedin but are interested, you can learn more here.


Setting up Job Wrapping is quick and easy! Once enabled, go to your Partner Integrations page and click on the Linkedin Job Wrapping option found on the Job Board Integrations. 

  • Partner Integrations -> Linkedin Job Wrapping
  • Click 'Update'
  • Provide the link to your Linkedin Support Manager


Learn more about setting up Job Wrapping within Linkedin here.


Posting Jobs from Avionté

Once Job Wrapping has been set up, it's now time to start posting your jobs! In order to send your jobs to LinkedIn, please follow the below directions:

  • Go to the Job Details Page in order to post your job.
  • After Selecting "Add New Job Posting" and entering the job description, click the "Post to External Job Boards"
  • Click the checkbox next to LinkedIn Job Wrapping. 
  • It is required to enter Industry, Job Function, Experience Level, and Job Type. Once those have been entered, click 'Post Job'


Once the feed has been picked up by LinkedIn, they will then post the job. Learn more about identifying which jobs to post within LinkedIn here.


Managing Job Wrapping

Once your job wrapping service is up and running, you can easily monitor utilization and make changes to your settings. Learn more about monitoring job wrapping utilization, viewing jobs posted through job wrapping, and sponsoring jobs through job wrapping here.

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