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Talent Search

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Avionté is populated with applicants who have already been pre-qualified by your team – why not use it to find the talent you need to fill your open positions?! We’ve designed our Talent Search screen to maximize productivity by minimizing all of the clicks required in more traditional search interfaces. h

Please take a look at this video for a comprehensive overview of our enhanced Talent Search.

If you’re interested in running complex talent searches, please watch the video below.

 Learn more about Keyboard Cuts to speed up your search term entry.

Applicant Color Coordination:

  1. Green                                         Contacted: 1 – 30 Days
  2. Yellow                                        Contacted: 30 – 60 Days
  3. Red                                           Contacted: 60 – 90 Days
  4. Blue (Bold)                                Contracted: 91 + Days
  5. Dark Blue                                   Never Contacted


Profile Preview:

Once results are displayed, users can preview the profile by clicking on next to each profile. 

When selected, an aside will appear giving an overview of Activities, Resumes, Work and Education History, Comments, and Tags. A user can rearrange the tabs by clicking and dropping them in the preferred order. 

Additional actions that can be taken from the aside include editing tags and flags, logging an activity or task, or pipelining the applicant to a job. 

Work History Search:

Avionté users can search for Candidate' Work History by using the Work History Applicant Search Term. Using Boolean logic, users can search for keywords or job titles. Click on the "Restrict to most recent work history button to have your search be restricted to their most recent job.


If you have any questions about Talent Search or any feature in Avionté, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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