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Washington Paid Family Leave Export

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Washington will require quarterly reporting of Paid Family Leave; similar to unemployment reporting that the state requires. The first employer reporting/filing is required by July 31, 2019. 


Washington - Paid Family & Medical Leave - Wage Report export has been added to the Weekly Process section. Users can be granted permission to this export via Desktop Application > Admin Tools > System > Report > Advance Query > User.

To run this export from the Desktop Application:

  1. Click on Weekly Process

  2. Click Export/Import right side tab

  3. Select feed Washington - Paid Family & Medical Leave - Wage
  4. Enter parameters
    1. Quarter - the quarter for which to export wage data for Paid Family Medical Leave Reporting 
      1. Note: Start typing the desired quarter in the following format to more easily select quarter (click tab after entering quarter)
        Format: supplier full name : Config Year Staffing Supplier Quarter Year
        Example: ABC Full Name: Q1 2019
    2. Phase
      1.  Analysis: Run the export in this phase to see column headers as well as additional relevant data

      2. Generate Report: Run the export in this phase to get a file per the state specifications

      3. Select file export location

      4. Click Process File -> File named WAPFMLYYYY-MM-DD.csv will be created in export location

Export Data

Note: Primary source for data is payment check transactions with work site in WA.



Data Notes


Need Revision

This value will be 1 if any errors or potential issues are identified

Analysis &
Generate Report 


Employee SSN

Analysis &
Generate Report 

Last Name

Employee Last Name

Analysis &
Generate Report 

First Name

Employee First Name

Analysis &
Generate Report 

Middle Initial 

Employee Middle Initial (may be blank)

Analysis &
Generate Report 

Total Hours

Employee's total hours for reporting quarter (dates based on supplier config year quarter setup)

Analysis &
Generate Report 

Total Wages

Employee's total gross wages for reporting quarter (dates based on supplier config year quarter setup)


PFML Withholding

Total amount withheld from employee paychecks for employee premium


PFML Contribution 

Total employer share on employee paychecks for employer share



Information about errors or potential issues. Such as if total sum of withholding and contribution does not equal state defined premium rate percentage of employee gross wages.

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