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Echo gives your team the ability to parse and import candidates directly into Avionté straight from the most popular professional networks.

These networks are filled with viable talent and with our plugin, you can quickly create and import a candidate into Avionté right from their social profile. 

Once the Echo extension is added, you can quickly add profiles from the following sourcing sites:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Behance
  • Crunchbase
  • Dice
  • AngelList
  • DiscoveryOrg
  • ZoomInfo


How to Install

  •   Under Account and Setting, select 'Chrome Echo Plugin'.

  •  Once in the Chrome store, click the blue 'Add to Chrome' button.

  •  You will then be prompted to add the extension. Click 'Add Extension'.
  •  Click on the extension to the right of your URL bar and enter your Avionté Build Name to link your Echo to your account.
  • You are then ready to begin parsing!


Using Echo

Using Echo is as easy as heading to a profile on one of the sites that the tool can parse. Once on a site, such as Linkedin, head to a profile and the Echo tool will pop out ready to parse!

Adding an applicant

  •  Head to an applicant profile. Echo will appear on the right side of the page.

  • Select 'Import Candidate' **Note that if the email address matches with a profile already in the system, a message will display that an exact match has been found.

    • Make sure that all required fields are entered. **Note that these can be edited in the Table Editor/
    • Select 'Import'

Adding to a pipeline

      • After importing the candidate, click the blue 'Pipeline' button.

      • You will be prompted to select the position. Once the position/s has been picked, click the 'Pipeline to' button and your candidate will be pipeline for the selected job.

Keep in mind that Echo will stay how users last left the aside. If you minimized it, it will continue to stay minimized until the user reopens the aside and vice versa.


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