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Hiring Manager Feedback

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Avionté makes it easy to collect feedback from hiring managers when you nominate a candidate or after an interview.  Hiring Managers can provide feedback through Feedback Forms or by accessing the Hiring Manager Portal. 

Feedback Forms

Feedback forms can be sent to hiring managers when nominating the candidate or scheduling an interview. 

Nomination Feedback

  • At the bottom of the nomination aside, use the Feedback Form drop down to select the desired feedback form. 
  • In order to include a feedback form when nominating a candidate, the send email box must be checked.

  • Click 'Nominate' and the feedback form will be sent. 
  • Once the hiring manager has provided feedback, you can view the responses under the Feedback Tab on the Applicant Profile.

*Feedback forms can also be re-sent via the Feedback Tab on the Applicant Profile. 

Interview Feedback

  • In order to use a feedback form when scheduling an interview, the Interview Kit MUST be used. 
  • Once the Hiring Managers have been selected to interview, you can include a feedback form.

* You must check the Invite box so that they receive the interview kit with the feedback form included.


Hiring Manager Comments

Hiring Managers can also leave comments on submitted candidates through the Hiring Manager Portal. Once a Hiring Manager leaves a comment, the Job Owner will receive an email with the comments included.

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