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Adding a Vendor

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Avionté makes setting up vendor and agency profiles quick and simple, and allows you to seamlessly share jobs with your vendors or specific contacts. We also allow for you to set limitations on what job details you would like to share. To get started, click on the Vendors Tab.

Adding a Vendor

  • Hover over the Vendors Tab and click 'Add New Vendor'.
  • Enter the Vendor information and hit 'Submit'

Vendor Offices and Contacts:

The Vendor Offices tab provides users with the ability to create an organizational chart for the vendor. 

Adding an Office

  • On the Vendor Profile, click the Offices/Contacts Tab
  • Select 'Add an Office'

Adding a Contact

  • On the Vendor Profile, click the Offices/Contacts Tab
  • Next to the office, select 'Add an Office Contact'


Provide Vendor Access:

  • To give a vendor Access to Avionté from their profile, click 'Create User Record' on the action Widget
  • After creating the Vendor User their login credentials will be send to you in an email
  • After ensuring the email is correct forward these credentials to the Vendor User

Delete a Vendor Contact

  • Go to the Vendor Contact Profile
  • In the action widget, there will be a list of actions. Select 'Delete Contact' to delete the Vendor Contact

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