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Interview Kit

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You can use the Interview Kit any time you update the candidate's nomination stage. Simply click on the Include Interview Kit check box and create the agenda. 

You can send the interview invitation to as many people as you would like, as well as allocate different increments of time and unique feedback forms can also be created and distributed.  And as always, you can send the invitations to both internal and external interviewers.

Many times candidates have multiple resumes and work related documents containing important information about the candidate’s experience. Our Interview Kit gives you the ability to attach and send multiple documents (resumes, portfolios, job descriptions, etc.) to each interviewee. Interview Kits can be sent to internal users and Hiring Managers.

Below is a screenshot of the Interviewer invitation email. Please note that the formatting, buttons, etc. may look different depending on your email provider.

Gather Immediate Feedback

If you choose to include a Feedback Form with the interview invitation, the email sent to those conducting the interview will include a link to a page that contains all the interview invitation as well as the Feedback Form to fill out once the interview has been completed. Because the Feedback Form is included with all the other interview documentation and details, it encourages immediate completion by the interviewer.  The result? More relevant, more accurate and more timely feedback instantaneously viewable in the candidate profile.

Notice that in addition to the regular information you get in the interview invitation, their feedback form is right there at the bottom for the interviewer to fill out.

As always, automatic reminders are sent to interviewers if the Feedback Form has not been completed.

Assign Multiple Interviewers to One Time Block

If you and your team need to schedule multiple interviewers during the same time frame, simply follow these steps:

  1. Move a Candidate to an interview stage and select “Include Interview Kit”
  2. Enter the time of the interview
  3. Choose the manager(s) you wish to include within the designated time slot

We’re confident this will streamline your entire interview process. We also want to make sure you know how to use it effectively. So please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

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