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Merge Fields

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When sending email to both Applicants and Hiring Managers, Avionté users can utilize Merge Fields to auto-populate the body of the email with a certain word. 

Available Merge Fields:


• First Name (already exists but can be part of drop down list)
• Last Name
• Latest Position Title
• Latest Company
• Latest School
• Latest Degree
• Latest Field
• Address
• City
• State / Province (actual merge field can just be State)
• Zip / Postal( actual merge field can just be Zip)
• Referrer Of
• Referred By

Hiring Managers

• First Name (already exists but can be part of drop down list)
• Last Name
• Company
• Position Title

Locations of Merge Fields:

• Applicant Search
• Applicant Profile
• Talent Page
• Contract Search
• Contact Profile


How to Use Merge Fields

  • In the text editor, select the Merge Fields Drop Down


  • Once the Merge Field is selected, it will populate in the text box. They will be surrounded by brackets. E.g. |NAME|
  • Merge fields will then populate with the corresponding fields once submitted. For example, if users send an email and populate it with Hi |NAME|, it will pull the first name from the applicant profile. Using this, users can send mass emails and not have to individually fill them out. 

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