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Outlook Add-ins

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Outlook Addins allow you as the user to easily take multiple actions from your Outlook email to save you both time and effort. Below is a list of our add-ins and how to install and uninstall those add-ins.

Uniformed Add-In Buttons

Below are detailed descriptions to explain the functionality of each Outlook Add-In button:

 Import Applicant

The Import Applicant button will allow you to import an applicant into Avionté, whether they have a resume of not. This button also gives you the ability to add tags and classifications to an applicant’s profile in order to add details about their experience, making their profiles easily searchable.

 Create Contact

This button will allow you to create a hiring manager within Avionté. If you highlight an individuals signature then click the “Create Contact” button it will also parse in the first name and last name for you. You will also have the ability to select which company they are apart of, who is the representative internally plus many other options. You will want to select the office that the individual is apart of so that all of the address information from that office will automatically be stored in the contacts profile.

 Sync Email

The Sync Email button let’s you sync inbound and outbound emails directly to a contact or candidates preexisting Avionté profile. This feature captures the entire email and adds it into the Avionté profile under the activities section, labeled as either an “Email Received” or “Email Sent”.

 Create Job Order

The Create a Job Order button will give you the capability to create a job order directly from Outlook. For example: if a manager sends you a job description, you can attach the job description and fill out all of the job details to create the position. Once you go into Avionté, the job will be complete and ready for posting.

 View Profile

The View Profile button will give you the ability to go directly to a candidate or contacts profile. Once you highlight the email (as long as there is an associated email within Avionté), it will open Avionté and take you directly to that individual’s profile.

Sync and Search

Sync and Search will give you the ability to sync an email to a profile other than the sender or recipient. For example, if you are emailing a hiring manager about a candidate, you can choose to sync the email to the candidate's profile rather than the manager's.

Installing Add-ins

  • Utilities -> Avionté Add-ins
  • Click 'Download Avionté Outlook Add-in

Removing Avionté Add-ins

  • First go to your control panel and “Uninstall a Program”. From here you will need to uninstall 2 applications: “compasbutton” and  “OutlookAddIn1”. 

  • Once uninstalled, you will then need to delete your saved credentials. To do this, search your computer for “compout667433xl.dat”. Once you have found this file, right click and delete.

Add-ins Not Appearing

  • In Outlook, click 'File' --> 'Options'
  • Once the Outlook Option have appeared, select 'Add-ins'
  • On the Manage drop down, select 'COM Add-ins' and click Go.
  • Confirm all Avionté Add-ins are checked and click 'OK'
  • Your add ins will the re-appear under the Add-ins Tab in Outlook


**Note that Outlook Add-ins only work with PCs and not with Macs

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