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Partnership Release Notes - October 10, 2019

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IBM Assessment Delete Warning

In AviontéBOLD, selecting Delete Assessment now produces a warning message asking users to confirm they want to delete an assessment in order to eliminate the possibility of users deleting assessments by mistake.

IBM Assessments Searching

In AviontéBOLD, recruiters now have the ability to search  talent based on assessments in Talent > Search.

IBM Assessment Migration

Clients using IBM assessments in AviontéAERO or AviontéCLASSIC application we have a process now to migrate those assessments to the AviontéBOLD platform





Cell Phone Sync Fail

The AviontéBOLD Partnership API talent sync previously failed if the System Name of the Cell Phone Config Choice was not "CellPhone" exactly. We have updated the partnership API cell phone mapping to check for a Config Choice of "Cell" instead of CellPhone.

Essential StaffCare E-Portal Configuration Error

In AviontéBOLD, an e-portal configuration error would appear upon connecting to the ESC website. This error no longer populates.

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