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Vendor Management Systems (VMS): AviontéBOLD

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The AviontéBold connection to Vendor Management Systems is a one-way connection that allows jobs to flow from the Vendor Management System (VMS) to AviontéBOLD.


Connecting a VMS account to AviontéBOLD

Currently, users can configure up to five Vendor Management Systems within AviontéBOLD:

  • ZeroChaos Web
  • Pro Unlimited Wand
  • IQ Navigator
  • Fieldglass
  • Beeline

Users can configure their VMS credentials in AviontéBOLD by:

  1. Open the Account & Settings drop-down menu and select Avionté Marketplace.
  2. Within the Avionté Marketplace, select the category of "Vendor Management Systems" from the left-side menu.



3. Click on Settings under the proper VMS provider of your choice.


4. Enter your credentials (i.e. individual login information) for the VMS website.

5. In the Notify Emails field, you may add additional users' emails to receive VMS job alerts via email.

6. Check the Active box to ensure jobs will flow into the system.

7. Click Save.



Important Note: Configuration in this area is per user. If other users attempt to configure the same credentials, it will disconnect the first user's session. If additional users need visibility to one VMS account, the VMS user can share their tasks via myDashboard > Tasks > Talent/Contact Tasks > Share Your Tasks.



Managing VMS Jobs

The VMS connection in AviontéBOLD allows users to see the VMS's jobs in their Tasks section.

Go to myDashboard > Tasks > VMS Reqs to see and manage the VMS jobs.



From this section, users can:

  • Search using the Search box to identify a specific job
  • Refresh the list by clicking the refresh icon in the top right corner
  • Remove undesired Jobs from the list by clicking the Remove Job button
  • Create a Job in by clicking the Create Job button


Creating a Job from VMS Reqs

Users can add the Job to an existing Company or Contact, or create a new Company or Contact with which to associate the job. By default, most VMS will not pass a manager name, so jobs can be associated to a generic contact record. Users can later update the Contact to the appropriate record in the Client Profile widget on a Job record.

To create a job from the VMS Reqs section:

  1. In myDashboard > Tasks > VMS Reqs, click the Create Job button to open a fly-out.
  2. Job information from the VMS will flow automatically to the Create Job fly-out:

    Job Details: e.g. Job Type, Start & End Date, Available position, rate, etc
    Title & Skills: Position Title
    Desc & Notes: Text of job description

  3. Once a candidate is selected for the job, the user will need to access the VMS website to provide the candidate information directly to the VMS.


Tracking VMS Fees

Users can track VMS fees for invoicing in the Operational Information widget on a Company record by using the VMS Fee % value.



Importing Hours

When the VMS provides hours via CSV file, the hours can be imported via Back Office > Batch Hours.






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