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AviontéBOLD Release Notes - October 10, 2019

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Job Activities

This feature is the ability to associate activities logged on a Talent with a Job that they are either in process for, are working or have worked in the past. This information will also be visible from the Job area.


Adobe Sign Document Audit


The Adobe Sign export is a tool that supports exporting completed Adobe Sign documents in bulk.  This tool allows users to pull I-9 data in the case of an audit. The Adobe Sign Document Audit can be found in the Utilities section. Users will select start and end dates for the kind of document they wish to audit. Then, the system will create a .zip file that can be downloaded and provided to the USCIS. For instructions on how to use the Adobe Sign Document Export see this article.



Pipeline Source Tracking

A source field has been added at the time of pipelining a Talent for a job.  This will auto-populate with the Applicant Source value from the Talent > Tags tab. Users may also select a new Source at the Pipelining stage, which will ultimately update the Source on the talent record. 


If this is an important part of your process, this field can be made required within the Table Editor > New Pipeline Requirements area. To learn more about the Pipelining process, check out our Internal Screening Process article here.

Nomination Defaults

When nominating talent to a job, the system can now be configured to automatically have Send Email selected, Feedback Forms attached, and/or the primary/newest resume attached. These Nomination Defaults can be configured in Utilities > Table Editor. 

To learn more about the Nomination Defaults configuration, check out our article on Table Editor.

EEO Onboarding Task

We now have the ability to include Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) collection as a part of the standard Onboarding task process. To begin utilizing the EEO task, enable it in Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks.


To learn more about the setup of Onboarding features, view our Talent Onboarding - Admin Actions article.
General Apply - Duplicate Check Criteria

Administrators can now configure how Talent is duplicate checked (email and/or phone) on a General Apply. This can be configured in the Careers Page Editor section of Utilities.

New Job Order Requirements - Estimated Hours

An additional New Job Order Requirement was added to support clients who prefer to not have an end date on their jobs set as required, but forecasting data is still important.  This will allow for the estimated hours field to be required when creating a job. 
Mass Action - Talent Status

A mass action for updating the Talent status is being provided as a part of the Talent Search mass actions area.

Search Multiple Talent Statuses 

When conducting a Talent search, utilizing the Talent Status Talent Term users will now be able to select multiple status's to include in their search.

Discounts Enabled

Users leveraging the AviontéBOLD solution can now properly used the Discount field under Customer > Order Options. They 
Employee W2/1099 Determination Enabled

Users leveraging the AviontéBOLD solution can now edit the Employee W2/1099 status checkbox and link the employee to an Agency in Employee > Detail in the back office/AviontéCLASSIC interface.




ID Title


Timesheets Event Log in the Connect module will now show "Processed" for timesheets that previously said "Paid" or "Invoiced."

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