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AviontéCLASSIC Release Notes - October 10, 2019

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October 10 Fixes



Performance Tuning

Tuned the stored procedure ppv_CheckForCustomerStatus to provide better performance and efficiency.


Update to the interface and payroll tax calculation to support paid Family Medical Leave in Massachusetts.

SickLeave Rate Spoc Does Not Calculate State Plan When City Is Present

Fixed an issue where an accrual plan would not process if a state plan and a city plan existed.

E-Verify print case details returns error

Fixed an error when trying to access the case details of an E-Verify case.
BOLD Adobe templates are not using the same templates as Recruiter Module

Fixed an issue where Bold Adobe templates were pointed at the wrong repository.
Fair Wage Adjustment Transaction Considered in OT Transaction Totals

Fixed an issue when processing OT transactions and Fair Wage Adjustments.
The Time Entry Batch Verification DRM tbv_RegularHoursOverFourty IO Cost Too High has been updated to run more efficiently

FAIL status is missing from Background Check result filter option

Added ‘Fail’ as a filter option.

Background drop down is not sorted correctly

Updated Package ID on Order > Requirements to sort by PluginName (A-Z) and then PackageName (A-Z)
Admin Tools WSIB/WCC Setup Does Not Show State
Fixed an issue where the State/Province would not show if you had both CA and US WSIB/WCC codes setup.
DRM tbv_CheckForMissingResidentGeoCode does not fire as expected

Fixed an issue with the logic of the Time Entry Batch Verificationfor checking missing residential GEO codes.
Web Portal Time Clock Status Page Incorrectly Displays For 2 Punches

Fixed issue where status page for time clock punches would not display correct number of punches.
STD_InsertEmployeeAccrual_SickLeave unnecessarily inserting Sick Leave Plans for DH employees
This ensures that sick leave is not added to an employee record when placed on a direct hire order.
txn_UpdateDefaultOTDTPayRate Erroneously Updates 1099 OT Rates
This will ensure OT rates are not updated for 1099 employees.
Zero Resident Geo Payroll DRM Fires Before Update Geo Is Run

Update sequence of events so that the update is run before the verification.
OT Loop Processing States AP Is Not Open

Fixed an issue where the casing of the accounting period status could cause issues.
Rollback BUG-6550 To Previous Functionality

Rolled back changes to EEO where users who didn’t have permissions to view can now again add EEO information if none exist
Web_Employee_PastJob_ShowLastPay not working as expected

Web_Employee_PastJob_ShowLastPay when set to false will now hide the field.
DRM tbv_CheckForZeroWcCodeRate Fires for 1099 Employees

Updated the Time Entry Batch Verification DRM to not check 1099 employees.
Maryland Sick Leave accrual plan added


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