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Talent & Dashboard Fuctionality

Hotlists allow users to add talent to lists for quick reference. 

From a talent’s profile users can add talent to their call HotList by clicking Add to HotList in their Quick Actions Widget (see Talent screenshot). From here Talent will be added to a list in two places in the dashboard- Hotlist Widget (see Dashboard Widget screenshot) and Dashboard>Tasks>Hotlist (see Dashboard>Tasks>Hotlist screenshot).


Talent Screen



Hotlist Widget 






Table Editor Setup

Determining when employees fall off of this hotlist is managed in Table Editor’s HotList Fallout. The hotlist fallout allows an Admin user to set a limit on how many days a talent can remain on a Hotlist. If users use the Hotlist to manage and own talents, then this allows for creating a fair process to release talents for all users to work with when the time frame has been met.


Table Editor Hotlist Fallout



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