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IBM Watson Assess in AvionteBOLD

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To request the IBM Watson Assess integration, contact your Account Manager or go to Account & Settings > Avionté Marketplace > IBM Watson Assess > Details > Have an Avionté Account Executive Contact Me.




Group Permissions


Assessment Tasks are only available to users that have the appropriate Group permission.


  1. Group permissions are set in Account & Settings > Utilities > Talent Onboarding Tasks 
  2. Expand Assessment Tasks and click on IBM Watson Assess to edit permissions
  3. Select a new group from the drop-down, click the + to the right of the drop-down
  4. If no Groups are visible in the drop-down, Groups will need to be created via Utilities > User Groups
  5. Click Save



Creating a Packet with Assessments

Add an assessment to a packet to send multiple assessments at once, or to include the assessment with a group of other Talent Onboarding Tasks.


To create an Onboarding Task Packet:

  1. Go to Utilities > Onboarding Task Packets
  2. Click the + to create a new packet
  3. Give the packet a name
  4. To add assessments, check the box next to "IBM Watson Assess"
  5. Search in the drop-down for the desire assessment
  6. Click the + to the right of the selected assessment to pull it into the Task list
  7. Click Save








Sending Assessments


Assessments can be sent via the Onboarding tab in a talent record. Click the Send Onboarding Tasks button to select the task or packet to send.


Managing Tasks


The filters in Talent > Onboarding will show which assessments are completed and which are outstanding.


Delete unnecessary assessments by checking the box to the left of the assessment and clicking Delete Profile Tasks.




Viewing Scores


When the Talent completes the assessment, the score will be visible in Talent > Results.

Users will see a Completed date and a summary score in the Results column.

Click the refresh icon to update the Results.


To view a more detailed score, click the pop-out icon to open a multi-page PDF report in a new tab.





Talent Experience


When the Talent logs in to access their Tasks, they will see their Assigned Tasks on the left. They can begin the tasks by clicking Start or by clicking on the individual task on the left side.




They will receive a redirect notice, informing them that they will be guided to a partner website after they click Continue.




Clicking Continue will bring the employee to an IBM Disclaimer page, where they will need to click I Agree before continuing with the assessment.



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