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Adobe Sign Integration: AviontéAERO

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Integration Overview

Avionté partners with Adobe Sign® to provide electronic document services - PDFs of handbooks, W-4 forms, I-9s, etc. 


Adobe Sign is used to support Talent Tasks in the AviontéAERO Recruiter and Talent Modules. Admins create document templates (W-4, I-9, etc.) in the Adobe Sign interface. From there, the documents are managed in the Recruiter Module, and recruiters can send talent documents to sign via Talent Tasks in the system.




Integration Setup

Avionté Account Executives set up clients with an Adobe Sign account. Therefore, you will need to work with your Account Executive to set up the Adobe Sign integration and then set up your document library. Below is an outline of the process to setup and access your Adobe Sign integration:


  Actor Action Notes
1 User Contact Avionté Account Manager to sign up for Adobe Sign integration  
2 User Configure general, shared email address to use for Adobe Sign username It is important to use a general email address rather than a personal email address (Example: When initially setting up an Adobe Sign account, an email address will be required. It is best practice to use an email address that is shared among multiple users and whose inbox is accessible.
3 Avionté Services Team

Account Manager activates integration with Adobe

4 Adobe Adobe sends an email to the users containing the default username and default password for the user's Adobe account. Once an Adobe Sign account is activated, the associated email address will receive a confirmation request. If the link in the confirmation email is not used, it will expire. he confirmation link in the email eventually expires. To generate a new confirmation link, contact your Avionté representative.
5 User Log into your Adobe account via the link provided in the Adobe Sign email. 

You may log into your new Adobe Sign account by accessing the link in the email within 48 hours. Once logged in for the first time, you can access Adobe Sign via

6 User

Log into AviontéAERO

<3 digit company code> (i.e.


7 User

Navigate to Admin > Integration > Adobe

8 User Enter credentials established in provisioning process  
9 User Complete setup process

Once the credentials are entered the Adobe Sign partner integration will display as Enabled. Now you're ready to begin creating document templates!




Access your Adobe Library

Following the setup of an Adobe Sign through an Avionté Account Manager, the Adobe integration is connected to AviontéAERO through the Recruiter Module's Admin > Integrations > Adobe Sign® for E-Signature Documents area.



The Adobe Sign web page may prompt for access credentials (supplied during setup with an Avionté Account Manager.)



Note: When initially creating an Adobe account, the account should be set up with an email address not associated with a specific user. If a recruiter uses their email address to set up an administrator in the Adobe account there may be permission conflicts when the same email address is used in a recruiter capacity.  








Adobe Reporting

Recruiter Module users can view the history and status of Adobe E-Signature Documents in Talent > Profile > Documents. Next to each document is an expand/collapse icon used to display a history of the document.






More about Adobe Sign for AviontéAERO

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