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Adobe Sign Mapping: Heritage Compas

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Basic Mappings


Field Configuration
Talent Last Name {{COMPAS_Last_Name}}
Talent First Name {{COMPAS_First_Name}}
Talent SSN {{COMPAS_SSN:ssn}}
Talent Address 1 {{COMPAS_Address1}}
Talent Address 2 {{COMPAS_Address2}}
Talent City {{COMPAS_City}}
Talent State {{COMPAS_State}}
Talent Home Phone {{COMPAS_Home_Phone}}
Talent Cell Phone {{COMPAS_Mobile_Phone}}
Talent Birth Date {{COMPAS_BirthDate:Birthday_es_:isdate(format=yyyy/mm/dd)}}
Company Name of Talent most recent Job {{!COMPAS_Company_Name}}
Job City of Talent most recent Job {{!COMPAS_Job_City}}
Job State of Talent most recent Job {{!COMPAS_Job_State}}
Job country of Talent most recent Job {{!COMPAS_Job_Country}}
Manager first name of Talent most recent job {{!COMPAS_Manager_First_Name}}
Manager last name of Talent most recent job {{!COMPAS_Manager_Last_Name}}
Job title of Talent most recent Job {{!COMPAS_Job_Title}}



1. The configurations can all be pasted into a Word document as they are and loaded into Adobe Sign to create the desired mapping.
2. The {{ }} around the field is how Adobe Sign identifies that this is an Adobe Sign field and will either populate data or allow data to be entered during the signing process
3. The ! at the front of the mapped value is used to indicate that this is a read only field (this will populate with data from the system, but cannot be edited)
4. Fields with a : and information after is actually indicating the field validation that is being added. For example with birth data we are stating this is a date field and that the format needs to be YYY/MM/DD


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