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Avionté Release Notes - December 2019

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[UPDATE] Front Office Only Clients: Updated QBO OAuth2dot0 

  • For Front Office only clients utilizing the QBO integration, we have now updated this connection.



[NEW] Background check dashboard widget

  • For clients utilizing our background check partners Asurint or Choice in AviontéBOLD, there will now be a widget available for management of their background checks that will display the number ordered, those needing review as well as completed.

    Read more HERE


[NEW] Search on Branch

  • For both Talent and Companies, there is now a branch field that is also available as a part of searching. Additionally, there is the option to extend branch permissions to both Talent and Companies which would ensure users will only see and have access to search on branches that they are permissioned for.


[UPDATE] Workers Compensation Code Display Enhancements

  • Company - Operation Information area: Current display is workers' compensation code and workers compensation code description. This is updating to state, workers compensation code, and workers compensation code description. This drop-down will also sort by state and workers' compensation code.
  • Job Order Create: The worker's compensation code field currently displays workers' compensation code and description. This is being updated to now include state as well. This will also sort by state and workers' compensation code. Additionally, this field filters to display workers' compensation codes for the state of the job's worksite. It is now being updated to also display US codes if any are setup.


[UPDATE] Workers Compensation Codes: support of US and Canada

  • This will allow for the setup and utilization of both Canadian WSIB codes as well as US workers' compensation codes.


[UPDATE] rapid! PayCard Registration

  • For clients utilizing rapid! PayCard the registration of a new pay card is now available as a part of the direct deposit set up within the Talent > tax > direct deposit area.

    Read more HERE



  • Within the Talent > tax > direct deposit area for clients utilizing ADP Wisely there is now an account type available called "ADP Wisely Pay Card" which will ensure that these bank setups will display within the Connect Module.





 [UPDATE] Maximus Integration: I-9 certification enhancement
  • When the I-9 certification is added via the Maximus integration the user will now be the avionte.jobuser from the MasterUser table.


[UPDATE] E-Verify v30

  • The E-Verify integration has updated from v29 to v30.




 [NEW] New Standard DRM for 401K Deferral
  • On payroll batch verification when the employee has hit the maximum limit for pre-tax 401K deduction ($19k for 2019).

    Read more HERE


[NEW] PFML Display Values on W2 & 1099 for Massachusetts & Washington

  • In Box 14 of the W2, there will now be an employee contribution amount with the code MAPFML for Massachusetts and WAPFML for Washington employees. These same codes will be added to box 16 of a 1099 for applicable employees.


[UPDATE] 2020 Federal W4 Taxes Setup Support

  • The Federal W4 will be changing for 2020 and the employee tax area is being updated to support these changes. It is important to note that this is the framework to support storing this updated information. The next step is to create Adobe mappings and an eDocument that supports inserting the collected data on this new W4 into the employee tax setup.


[UPDATE] Sick Leave Updates for RI, VT and San Antonio, TX

  • There are changes to these three sick accruals and all have new effective dates as well.

    Read more HERE


[UPDATE] Updates to 401K Pre-Tax Deduction Limits 

  • 401K pre-tax deduction limits are increasing from $19,000 to $19,500 for 2020 and from $6,000 to $6,500 in optional catch-up contributions for those over 50 years old.


[UPDATE] E-Verify v30

  • The E-Verify integration has updated from v29 to v30.


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