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Essential StaffCARE Integration in AERO

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Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is a health/dental/life insurance program offered by the company Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI). Avionté AERO allows you to send the sign-up documentation to a Talent as a task.



In order for the task to perform as expected, the ESC integration needs to be set up in the CLASSIC application beforehand. For instructions on this, follow this link: Essential StaffCARE. If you need assistance with this process, please contact a superuser in your organization, and/or create a ticket in the help center, before calling our support line.


Accessing the Task


Once integration is set up, you can access the ESC task in AERO using the following steps:


1. Select a Talent


2. Click the Tasks option


3. Click the paper airplane button (Request tasks). The Request tasks screen will open.


4. Open the section titled Additional Integrations. Here you will find the Essential StaffCARE task.




5. Check the box for Essential StaffCARE.


6. Select the related employer from the drop-down list.


7. Click the Send request button.


 If successful, a success message will display, and a copy of the task will appear in the Tasks list, saying:


Sent [date]     Employer: [employer name]



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