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Password Resets in AviontéBOLD

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To reset a user's password in BOLD, follow these steps:


  1. Click your user icon/picture; this opens the main menu.
  2. Click Utilities.
  3. Click User Accounts.
  4. Locate the user name whose password you would like to reset.
  5. Click the Edit Profile button, which is on the right-hand side. The User Profile screen will be displayed.
  6. Click the Reset Password Button.




7. A warning will appear, confirming that you want to reset the user's password. To continue, click the Reset Password button.


8. The user will receive an email with the title "Avionté Password Reset for [user name]". The email will have a "Reset your Password" button, as well as a reset link. Either will work equally well.


Tell the user to click the button, or the link, and a browser window will open with a prompt to enter a New Password, twice. 


Tell the user to fill out both fields with their new password. As they are filling out the password, feedback will appear guiding them to create a strong password, that is, a password that is hard to guess or crack. The feedback will consist of prompts like the following: 


  • Insecure; Add another word or two. Uncommon words are better
  • Bad; This is a very common password. ... Capitalization doesn't help very much
  • Weak; This is similar to a commonly used password... Predictable substitutions like '@' instead of 'a' don't help very much
  • Good


The user does not have to create a strong password to proceed, but strong passwords protect both individuals and organizations. Both password fields need to match.


When they do, tell the user to click Save and Login. A message will display, "Your password has been set!" The system will proceed to log in to Avionté and display the Dashboard.

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